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Europe VC Releases - 20th April - Lylat Wars

Posted by Darren Calvert

It's a case of beauty and the beast today as Europe get the sublime Lylat Wars and the frankly terrible Donkey Kong Jr. Math.

After the excruciating pain of waiting for Starfox/Lylat Wars since the US got it 3 weeks ago finally European gamers can finally relax! This should surely be enough to keep gamers happy (for a week at least!)

Lylat Wars - N64 - 1000 points

Donkey Kong Jr. Math - NES - 500 points


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DJ_Philanegro said:

Omg, they seriously put up Donkey Kong Jr. Math? That's amazing. I remember back in the day, my friends and I would seriously battle on that game and test out our awesome basic math skills. Needless to say, we made that game more extreme than it needs to be. =P

Congrats Europe on finally getting Lylat Wars! Hope you guys have fun! *Has a U.S Wii*



King_wiL said:

Finally we get Lylat Wars, the one game i've been waitin for the most since the day i got my internet connection up and started filling my Wii with VC games (i have 18 so far) i got up early to check the shop channel before i went to work and i'm glad i did. Only not gonna be able to concentrate on work all day as i wanna get home and play Lylat all day and night, such is the awesome power of the Arwing calling me... Cheers ninty for finally giving us this feast of a gaming delight.



-Regii said:

I'm counting up my pennies to get 20€.

Yeaaaaahhh ^^



StuO said:

I really dont get why all the fuss about Lylat wars, i got it on release day on the N64, and had completed it easy the same night, even the alt paths didnt take long. The multiplayer mode isnt very good, and whilst there are a couple of really good levels (independance day style mothership is class) to have to play through the rest of it to get there got old fast! ill prob download it, but i dont get why all the moaning it wasnt out till now, you will be bored of it by the time the next decent game is released!

__Shiyojin Rommyu


Shiyojin Rommyu said:

For me, this game is more than the sum of its parts. More than just the combined levels, more than just the amount of unlockables. That's what keeps me playing, even though I know every secret, every route, earned every medal. Some games are just that fun.



ricketycricket said:

i never had an N64 (had a playstation) so i never really played this game single player. i'd played multiplayer a bunch with my friends back in the day adn remember it being fun. i downloaded this when it first came out in the US and i love it. its a lot of fun. although slippy pisses me off big time



Jeremy said:

Yay, you got your Lylat Wars Europe!

NOW, give us our Zelda II, Pac-Man and Actraiser... I command you...



DEMON212 said:

2 games? That's it? And where's ZAMN or Pilotwings or Mario RPG, and what about etc...

Just kiddin guys

I was up till 7:30 playing that beauty, DK.j Math. Er, I mean Lylat Wars, lol.

My bro seemed to have an infection in his foot and NHS direct said to keep an eye on it and if it got worse take him to the hospital. So that meant I was up all night with him until the docs opened, so that meant a lot of Lylat Wars on the VC and alot of Hockey on NASN were consumed by us.

Great game but Andross' Brain is a something I can't say here. I had 6 lives left and probably woulda done him in, but it was already 7:30 and I was losing a life every 12 minutes. So...



Steve said:

Congrats on Star Fo---er... "Lylat Wars"! Now we can have peace and quiet until Monday when the US gets Paper Mario and the UK doesn't.



Bass_X0 said:

What do we British fans have to complain about now? Other than the age old Super Mario RPG which nobody has on virtual console yet.



DEMON212 said:

Bass, we're British? Do we need anything to complain about to complain? No, we just do, lol.

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

starfox? sweet. nice to be wrong about it not coming 'til the end of may. snes version next please nintendo.



Don-Bon said:

Well I'm glad you guys finally got Lylat Wars. It was a perfect trade-off for the D.K.Jr. Math.



DEMON212 said:

Well, I personally hope we get a bunch of crap for the next couple of weeks. My first reason is because when people are happy this please just loses all activity. And my second is. I'm skint. I don't want an amazing game coming out next week because I can't afford it, lol. Unless it's a NES game. I have 500 points left.

I wish you could input a code that'd give you half your points back (or maybe even a third) on VC games that you either don't like or don't want anymore. But if you ever wanted them back, it'd cost you full whack again. That'd be great, that or a demo system so that I could avoid buying crap, lol.

I think i've bought 10 games now that I really regret.



DEMON212 said:

Oh, and my biggest regret is SM 64.

I've never been a major fan of it. I've always thought it was very overated. But I have it on the VC. Why? Because I wanted to see how big N64 games were, so i'd have a rough idea for when OOT came out and Ninty reverse "YES" and "NO" at a certain point of the buying process, so I selected "YES" accidentally when it said "do you want to buy SM 64?".



Jamie said:

DK Jr Math is totally awesome, we got it on Animal Crossing (Gamecube) and was a firm favourite. needless to say it was bought straight away. I didn't have enough for Lylat Wars at the time, so I went to woolies and got a Wii points card. Lylat Wars is my 12 Virtual Console game. And yes I regret a lot of my purchases.



RMA said:

My only regret at this stage is rushing out to buy SFII World Warrior. I knew they'd bring the rest out eventually but my own mind betrayed with some weird 'if no one buys this they'll never release SSFII Turbo Championship Hyper Fighting Fuel Injected Ultimate Edition (you know...the one where Chun Li goes commando...) and bought it. Not the worst game in the world, but the worst SFII.

I've been fairly frugal when it comes to selecting my downloads and it's paid off in spades, it seems that after a week or two of playing the nostalgia wears off for many of you guys and helpful 'not as good as I remember it' posts start coming out. This has meant that I've managed to get all the games I want and have plenty of points tucked away for when the next decent one is released.

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

regrets!? er,none. only downloaded 7 vc titles 3 snes,3 n64,1 tg16 and am more than happy with my purchases (apart from mario kart which is NOWHERE near as fast as the ntsc version) remember nintendos 'dream team' philosophy : it ain't the quantity it's the quality that matters.



DEMON212 said:

Shame the Wii has neither then really. Because excluding VC games, where's the quality?

Zelda, which is a port and Wiisports. That's about it.

My regrets are when people say "OMFG, you've gotta get this" and usually it's from people who I trust because they have similar tastes in games as me, so i'll get it. And then think "WTF have I done?!", lol.



Gypsie said:

Well, cant speak for quality but quantity - ninty today confirmed they're working on a whopping 44 titles for Wii! And theres a universe of exclusives coming out over the next year, and Resident Evil4....again....wud love to have been at that meeting "lets release a game they can already play on the system, but with some extra stuff...." Capcom dont credit us with much brains do they?

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