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US VC Releases - 26th March - RoTK IV

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you don't have a healthy interest in the history of China then it's probably not worth even logging on to the VC shop this week. Nintendo have only one new title for download, and it's the Koei-developed Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire.

Now, we're not knocking the long-running series. It's been going for longer than most Wii owners have been alive, so it obviously has some keen fans out there. But surely Nintendo could have given American Wii owners at least ONE other game to compliment it? It's hardly the kind of release that is going to make PS3 and 360 owners green with envy. Last week, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was made available for download on the Xbox Live Arcade - now would have been the perfect time for Nintendo to pull something special out of the bag and steal some of Microsoft's thunder.

Given the comments we've been getting here at the Virtual Console Archive regarding the quality of releases over the past few weeks, I'm guessing there will be some very unhappy campers out there today...

Check out the VCA review here: Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire

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__Anger Panda


Anger Panda said:

"Last week, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was made available for download on the Xbox Live Arcade - now would have been the perfect time for Nintendo to pull something special out of the bag and steal some of Microsoft's thunder."

I agree completley, now would have been a great time to whip out StarFox 64 or Super Metroid and go "Oh, yeah, Symphony of the Night is great, but check this out!" Though even then SotN wins in my eyes (sounds like blasphemy, but whatever).



Gmoney said:

I'm confused. How come Playstation games are being released on the Xbox 360 live arcade?



Dazza said:

Because Konami can do what they want with their games. Who would have thought Sonic would ever be on a Nintendo console? lol



Eric42 said:

If this is the only game today, I'm going to be really disappointed.



Rasman said:

It seems like nintendo is on a roll with these terrible VC mondays. It will take a week where they release either Mario RPG, Super Metroid, or Starfox 64 to get me excited about the VC again.



Jeremy said:

Nintendo, you crazy? You've got a free million dollars waiting for you if you just release SMRPG or SF64. What is this? This is a piece of crap. Come on Nintendo, I know you dislike releasing a bunch of good games at once, but when did the last truly good game come out? Last week was average, but we've just been getting crap. Give us a game that people care about. I'm not sure about the quality of RotTK but if only ONE VC game is coming out it had better well be as good as LttP.



Eric42 said:

Ha! Yeah, from the amount of people clammering for SMRPG and SF64 both, they'd have nearly a million to make. Probably more than that.



Manaman said:

Jeremy, if you are 'not sure about the quality of RotTK', then how can you possibly call it a piece of crap?

Romance of the Three Kingdoms might be a niche title, but that doesn't mean people don't care about it. Yes, there could have been more variety but it could have been worse...



SMBSS said:

Man, I dreamed last night that GoldenEye was released for VC. Please come out this year, Please



Jason said:

Ugh...yeah they are now up to what...number 12 in this series. Gimmie some Ghengis Khan...THAT game ate my life for years.



link64 said:

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 was never released in Europe so there is little chance it will come out on the European virtual console not that many people will be bothered.



Josey_Wales said:

Hi! to all,

Personally I would just like to see some more N64 games added sooner rather than later, there has only been a few released to date, when you consider all the great N64 games surely it's not asking to much for a few more to be added? I know Nintendo probably want to hold back a few gems but come on I think there is only 3 or 4 N64 games up for download at the moment. JB



Ender2010 said:

the only way this could be exciting, is if it was released as a surprise on a wed. or something



Thores said:

I don't see why you guys are whining. <br> <br>a) A lot of commercial games came out last week. Maybe Nintendo is trying to make sure you buy some REAL Wii games this week instead of old ones from 10 years ago. <br>b) RoTK IV is, from what I can tell, a really solid game. Just cause you haven't played it/ take no interest in it, doesn't make it a "piece of ...". <br>c) From the start, Nintendo has said we'd be getting 1-5 games a week, and at least 10 games a month. 3 games X the last 4 weeks = 12 games this month already, with RotK4 making it 13. They've already done more than fill their quota, and you're all whining for extra regardless.



v404 said:

Wow, what a let down!! Only 1 game?! & here I was thinking getting only 2 games was a drag.

This kind of inactivity is a bit frustrating considering Nintendo alone has enough of a backcatalog of eligible games for there to be ample releases for years. Or so you would think.

If they're going to release only 1 game, it should at least have been a more popular & iconic title like the formentioned N64 titles or at least a classic SNES game.

As far as I'm concerned, they can't put Pilot Wings (SNES) & Mario Kart (SNES) out fast enough.



JNoodles said:

"Everyone can have their own opinion Thores. Some people love RoTK IV, but most people think it is, as you call it, "a pile of ...". <br> <br>Personally, I would'nt use my invaluable Wii Points on RoTK IV. I would rather go to an EBGames or Gamestop and buy a used RoTK IV Advance with special features and improved graphics and music for about $5.



link64 said:

Since Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4 was never released in Europe maybe we will get something that was released in Europe but not America like Terranigma.



Brian said:

I realize that tbs games aren't really a console kind of "thing," but if you're into the genre, ROTK4 is a TIGHT addition to the VC. I will playing the crap out of this.

We all have to suffer through weeks where we don't like the releases. The sun WILL come up tomorrow, I swear.



proteus said:

To add just one game in a week is ridiculous, plain and simple.
With so many possible games, and so many consoles- there's simply no excuse to add just one game in a week- especially from a genre that a lot of gamers arent as interested in.. I'm not bitching, its just a fact. At this rate, it could be a year from now before we see the big ones that people keep talking about... come on, literally 100s and 100s of games, and this is the one we get this week? Nintendo needs to step it up a notch, or 3.



JNoodles said:

Don-Bon, george means a channel all in itself like the Internet Channel. The DS channel would let you download DS title demos off the Wii. Obvious yes?



Yko said:

This game rawk's !!!

Joking I like Dynasty Warrior's and Age of Empire's if it's a mix between them then i'll get it.

Hopefully UK Get's better game'.s



Jamie said:

This is an 8 player title? according the NoA press release it is...



Regulus said:

While this week may suck, and i would surely enjoy SF64 or Super mario RPG, i found that Nintendo often has to modify the games slightly.
Such is the case with Ocarina of Time, the traditional moon and star of the gerudo was replaced by a rather lame substitute, likely due to religious complications Nintendo wishes to avoid. I can't think of anything they would have to change in any of the upcoming anticipated games, but it's a possible cause for some.



Blottie said:

Blame me. I lent my girlfriend my Wii for the week, which clearly is the reason Nintendo didn't release more/better titles this week; they don't want to get me too antsy to get my system back (even though I did just buy The Godfather).



eagidni said:

*takes off glasses so that "romance of the three kingdoms iv" looks like "super mario 3" or even "donkey kong country 2"*



Dahak said:

They probably should have saved this for April 9th when SPM comes out for the Wii proper, as there would probably be little concern about one VC title for that week. Personally, I would have been happy if NES Castlevania has made it out stateside today.



Kevin said:

This is it for this week? You gotta be kidding me! We should of gotten at least one or two extra games with this one. Next week better be better.



RMA said:

Any ideas of what this release means for Europe on Thursday? We're not expecting Story of Thor / Vectorman / Sonic Spinball til April what happens this week?



RMA said:

Well...I've answered my own question (sort of)! Dragons Curse has just been confirmed for this week. Only one at the moment though and a nifty one at that!



Steve said:

"Such is the case with Ocarina of Time, the traditional moon and star of the gerudo was replaced by a rather lame substitute, likely due to religious complications Nintendo wishes to avoid."

That change actually happened in the GameCube re-releases (OOT/Master Quest & Collector's Edition discs) and is not new. Also, the symbol they changed it to is the one used by the pirates in Majora's Mask, so at least it still makes sense. The change I'm really upset about is the Fire Temple theme, which they changed in the "Player's Choice" release on the N64 due to Muslim complaints that the chanting sounded too much like an Arabic prayer. That song was one of the best things about the game, in my opinion, and the replacement is very dull and boring. Oh well.

As for the slow release week, who cares? Honestly, go play something else while you wait to see what they have for us next week. Life goes on.



Bazoon said:

I hope Lylat Wars(Star Fox 64) Comes to EU this week, I think we usally get all the N64 games first no? ^_^



JNoodles said:

America got SM64 first. But that doesn't really count much though huh since everyone got it on their launch.



JNoodles said:

StarFox 64 for America next week (and if Nintendo has it in them, Super Mario RPG too)!



DEMON212 said:

Are we (my bro too) the only ones who think that Ninty are trying to slowly kill the VC, just for a lil bit, because no one's buying any Wii games, only VC games?

Because VC games are good?

Wouldn't be surprised. 'cept anyone with multiple consoles will just buy a game for there other machine.



RMA said:

You're on your own there Demon...well, on your own with your bro anyway.

Killing VC additions for a while would not benefit Wii game sales in the slightest. No one is going to pick up an average Wii game for £35 - £40 because there hasn't been a decent £5 - £8 game released for the VC.

I think you also forget that just last week LttP was finally released and this week we're getting Dragons Curse. Hardly terrible is it?

While I feel for the US this week, we've had down weeks like this. It's not the end of the world, things will pick up, have to take the rough with the smooth...trying to think of a few more cliches to wheel out in these circumstances.

Next week we have Vectorman and The Story of Thor to look forward to, and I'm sure we'll have many more great / not so great weeks in the months ahead.

Just a thought, but do you think you'd enjoy these release days as much if they just dumped only the top quality games into laps immediately? Do you think you'd miss out on some gems if they had?



Dazza said:

Good points RMA! Nintendo do well to pace themselves. We've got loads to look forward to. I've been there in the past with a modded xbox and a DVD of romz, it's way too easy to just overlook games that way. If you only buy 1 game every 2 weeks surely that is enough?



neuzd said:

I also ask myself how is that there are guys who are buying EVERY vc title and they're whining at every release that they don't like.
What's the point in that? It makes me think of those late '80s when literally everyone was copying Amiga disks and everyone had every game, but if you were looking for a competitive had to realize that people had games but no will to play them.

So...don't buy all games, play one.

And I realized about a title no-one is talking about (in fact it hasn't been announced, but...):
hell, it's a hardcore game. It's a game that turns your ego into a god when you master it... F-ZERO X !!!!!!!!!!!



DEMON212 said:

RMA does have some good points. But what if instead of spending £40 on VC games over the course of a month, they buy a game instead.

I've already got 40+ (7 which I regret, big time) and still have 4,700 points left.

The ones I was going to buy I then didn't, because of the SEGA MD collection on the PS2, now I regret another couple as well.

Neuzd makes some good points too. I bought Vania NES and ALTTP, played Vania for 2 mins, still haven't played ALTTP. I also have several games that I haven't got round to beating yet.

But, there is a reason for that. A few actually. Zelda, GRAW and GRAW 2. Oblivion. PS3 etc...

Lol, so once I beat them, i'll get around to the VC again.



DEMON212 said:

So, what will we get this week?

Will we get shat on like the U.S? Or will they give us something awesome?

I hope the latter but I think the former.



RMA said:

Well, we know we're getting Dragon's Curse which is pretty sweet in my books...anything else would be a bonus.

I have a philosophy that says although I have points I only need to spend them on games I want. Buy a game, beat the game, buy another and don't regret one single purchase (I do have a LOT less games than you however). I did buy LttP last week even though I'm still trying to find that secret level that's in the top left hand corner of the Valley of Bowser...y'know the one? Don't tell me though, I remembered the other 90-odd exits on my own and I'll damned if I'm not going to find this one!

Just think games that don't get played through are a bit of a waste of money...doesn't mean to say I'd persevere with a bad game!



DandOm said:

RE: Gauntlet,

I wonder if Nintendo have the rights to release Gauntlet - If they do - i'd love to see it released - it gives multiplayers hours of fun - all on the same screen. There are also some old PC DOS games i'd like to see, anyone remember "Space Crusade"



Steve said:

@RMA: If only I had your willpower and mental fortitude! I try very, very hard to buy one game and then beat it before buying the next, but every Monday I can't help but login to this site to see what new stuff Nintendo has graced us with, and when something I love (like Excitebike) or a game that I haven't yet played but that everyone says is fantastic (like Beyond Oasis) comes out, I can't stop myself! So now I have two more games on my Wii that will probably not be played enough to justify the cost. D'oh! >_<

In all honestly, I'm kind of thankful for slow release weeks like this one. ^_^



RMA said:

On a completely unrelated line of business - just read that Activision are making 8 new characters available for the X360 version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I'm about a quarter of the way through this and want to know if they're coming to the Wii via the shop at all before I continue? Anyone heard anything?



RMA said:

@Steve - exactly! they're quite handy really! I know what you mean - as I said, as soon as LttP became available I downloaded. That's the next one! Sometimes, just gots to treat yourself!



Harry said:

Hi, I'd REALLY like to see Dragon Quest/Warrior 1 / 2 (originally for NES) on virtual console.
My question for the VC experts: will we ever see these games on virtual console?



neuzd said:


Did you ENTER the shop? The front page is not updated in time, but games should be there. I say "should" because, as I posted elsewhere, today's releases all needed zero free blocks: it doesn't look quite right...

But last friday I downloaded Zelda 3 while the front page was still displaying previous week releases as latest news.

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