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Europe VC Releases - 16th March - Splatterhouse

Posted by Darren Calvert

Europe gets treated to one of the PC Engine's most gruesome brawlers today. Yes that's right it's the excellent Splatterhouse! Watch out for those slimey buggers Rick!

A less grisly way to spend your time would be to check out the fun Ice Climber for the NES - North America has had this for a while now. Europe has finally caught up!

Last but not least is Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on the NES. Many will have fond memories or perhaps nightmares of this game from their childhoods. Our advice is to give it a miss, but for 500 points it won't break the bank if you want to check it out to try and prove us wrong!

Still no Zelda LttP! Yes it's true, Nintendo of Europe DO hate you! Maybe next week guys!

Keep it retro!

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Bass_X0 said:

Not as bland as people feared. No must have games but I wouldn't call them bland. And "maybe next week" is something I think EVERY week. I don't get why there is a variety in American and European releases. Shouldn't they preferably be released at around the same time? Still, it does keep the interest of seeing what games appear fresh.



DEMON212 said:

What the hell? I bought Splatter (pretty good, my bro loves it because he used to play it at the arcades) and his mask is Red not White.

Funny how Turtles arcade came out on the 360 on Wednesday. I now have both and both are good, but arcade is better by a mile IMO.

Ice is the only one I haven't bought, canny game but I usually get bored by level 3, and no one else I know likes it, so 2p is out the window.



babs said:

Gah I was hoping it wasn't the case. The US version had a red mask, I can only assume it was to stop them getting sued for basically copying the Jason Vorhees character from the Friday The 13th series of films.



Starwolf_UK said:

Huh according to NoEs announcement "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" is up. I geuss they changed the title screen so that newer Turtles fan wouldn't get confused? Or NoE were lazy with the cut and paste...



Cerberis said:

The cartoon was renamed to Hero Turtles in the UK at least, they weren't allowed to call them Ninjas back then because of the violent overtones (No I don't get it either.)
The game was renamed to follow suit no doubt, plus so people would know its based on the cartoon.



Shane said:

I want some DK64 news. I know that microsoft own Rare. But come on man... How fun will this be. I almost baught a n64 and dk64 just to play it again after I found out that it was owned by microsoft. I hope the news comes soon.



DandOm said:

It was a captain kirk mask in Friday The 13th - your thinking of "Silence of the lambs"



Mart said:

I thought i was going to be dissapointed if we got sonic spinball and company this week but these three games are even worse. The last game on the VC that i bought was Super Mario World, that's how long it's been since a "must have" came out for us PAL users. Is it just me or do Nintendo seem to release a massive game such as Ocarina of Time and think "that should keep them busy for a month or so." Then they spend the next few weeks rolling out games such as TMNT and Elevator Action while we sit back and complete Zelda. I thought this might happen when we saw OOT released and this just confirms it. Expect to see something good released in the next week or so, OOT's lifespan must surely be near enough up by now.



mjs said:

"It was a captain kirk mask in Friday The 13th - your thinking of "Silence of the lambs""

Wrong, the Captain Kirk mask was from John Carpenter's "Halloween." Jason had the hockey mask.



GumbyX84 said:

Thank you mjs for correctig him. Sadly my comment (which was correcting him) didnt post for some reason.

Anyway, I hope we at least get Splatterhouse here in the US next week. I will be a happy VC player if it does.



DEMON212 said:

We won't get ALTTP for ages. They're being fair (wrong spelling probably), they waited ages for DKC, now we have to wait ages for ALTTP.

But that's not fair because ALTTP is a MUCH better game!



GodsUncle said:

@Shane, DK64 will come out for VC eventually, just like Donkey Kong Country did, even though Rare had a part in that game. Donkey Kong is a Nintendo character so it should come, unlike Banjo Kazooie etc. which have characters Rare made themselves.

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

Soooo... well im not patient enough to wait for a link to the past!... i might just have to go hunt some ps3 owners and gun them down with my wii nunchuck of Dooom!! take that george forman! but i know what else i cant wait for and thats north and south and heroquest! droooooool....



DEMON212 said:

North And South rocked, but was it ever on the SNES/MD/TG-16? I had it on the Amiga.

I want Pushover, also had it on the Amiga, but it did come to SNES.

And what do you have against PS3 owners? Me and my bro are gonna have all 3 between us soon enough. I can't wait, looks a hell of alot better than the Wii. Only thing the Wii is good for is the VC, it's games have been truly horrible.

Ninty better pull there finger out and fast.

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

north and south was multi-platform but it ruled on the nes (i had it on the amiga too..) I myself play 360 online - this is my tag.. and if you ask me quite a lot of people would disagree with you their mr demon212.. the ps3 is nothing but a leech of a console that sucks on other consoles innovations. so if you want to fork out 500 quid on a toaster oven then thats your priority! but beware the launch of games were very poor and at 60 quid each! i'd rather play wii at home and have a laugh (because wii games were meant to be playable original AND fun) or 360 online with my mates on GOW for serious gaming than try to work out where the toast comes out of that infernal machine.



i8cookie said:

i completed super ghouls and ghosts, it wasnt that difficult, not like i remember it. now i want lttp, why do they have to be soooo looooong, aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh



DEMON212 said:

I hated GOW online.

The PS3 games are £50 on launch (£40 online), there's 3 that interest me (and more in the states, and since it's region free...)and it's not £500, it's £425. But we're using one of those catalogue systems where you pay £40 more, but you can pay monthly.

Which is a great idea because the deal we're getting is amazing.

I wish I could agree with you on the Wii, but I can't.

All of it's games are stupidly simple and easy (Excitetruck is the most advanced NES game i've ever played). It has no real multiplayer games that are practical (4 player Red Steel in my room, you'd have a better chance at fitting 4 dozens kids in a telephone box) and fun.

It's all mini games crap. My mates hate that, I love em but they don't. They want GOW, and GR:AW, and Pro Evo. Where's the games Ninty? It's a good thing we have Bomberman, but even then that's a 14 year old TurboGraffx game, not a Wii game.

Make something hard why don't you? Or long? Or fun? Or replayable? Zelda TP was a joke when compared to OOT in everything, especially difficulty.

And tilting the Wiimote to control alot of it's games, who's copying who? I always thought you pointed with the Wii and tilted with the PS3, I guess not.

Anyway, I will rant on about this for about 10 minutes because I really can't stand the Wii games so far and since this isn't a forum, i'm just gonna leave now.



PowerLegend said:

@Demon, what are you saying? The Wii's games are the best. I'd much rather play a fun racing game like Excite Truck than a horrible "racer" like Motorstorm. The Wii is one hell of a lot better than the PS3.



Damo said:

I agree, Excitetruck is much more fun than Motorstorm. The motion sensing control in Motorstorm is so broken is untrue.



Mart said:

i'll be honest and say i've never played splatterhouse, making this a poor week for me personally. Fortunately, Square-Enix released a Mammoth of a game in Final Fantasy XII a few weeks back so my Wii is currently gathering dust anyway.



i8cookie said:

wii is bestestest.
ps3 is a ridiculous amount of money compared to the ammount of fun you get out of the wii. I own two Wii games, monkey ball (which is a bit sh*t) and TP (which is amazing). I havent played either for about 3 months since i completed TP, but I still turn my wii on everyday! VC is incredible, the vote channel is incredible, the forecast and news channels are great and the internet channel is very useful now and then.
There are some really great Wii games coming out soon that i'm really looking forward to, much more than anyhting coming out on the ps3, the wii is more than a console. its cooolest.



link64 said:

DEMON212 have you played OOT lately if you have you will find it is very easy a lot more so than TP it most be that you played OOT when you were younger and so found it more difficult.

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

umm.. ahem.. zelda twighlight princess was not a joke nintendo were not laughing when they made that game.. the only people who are laughing are sony when you dip into your pockets for thier black doppelganging box of SATAN...

also i'd like to say dont be a sheep demon and listen to your mates.... i had a 64 in high school and all my mates had a playstation but i knew i had the better deal....



DEMON212 said:

But you see lads (Damo and champion), Motorstorm, can switch off it's crappy gimmicky sensor controls so that you can use the analogue.

I love the wand use of the Wiimote, despise the tilt use. I hated PS1's tilting controlers (that's right, Wii isn't the first home console to use motion sensors, PS1 was). I hated the GBA tilting games. And i'm sure i'll hate the PS3's tilting games.

Tilting isn't accurate and it isn't fun. It's clumsy and boring. I'd much rather use an analogue when it comes to turning in a car/truck and same when it comes to a board game (Kororinpa). And Sonic, man that was truly awful.

I have Link64, and it was still harder than TP. Not much mind you, but a lil bit.

Russ, the vote channel is awful. Have you seen the questions lately? Maybe you're in the states and they've been better (although not according to a mate) but ours have been awful. It started off so well, but now the questions have ruined it.

=Which is the scarier form of travel?



Neither, it's crashing and sinking that's scary.

=Spinach is...




I know this is all opinionated, but i've never been so dissapointed with a machine for what it's meant to be good at, than I have the Wii.

Love the VC, wanted it for the VC alone. Wanted all these old amazing games. So i'm happy that the VC is as good as I hoped it would be.

But it's main games. I mean Zelda is the only good one that's worth paying £40 for, and it's a port!

__UKMF Diablo


UKMF Diablo said:

someone got on the wrong side of the bed this morning lol!

I still think you should reconsider buying a ps3 though....
...Only kidding

being the hypocrite that I am I will prob have a sneaky go on a ps3... "noooooooooooo it bleeeeeeeds the gloves do nothing!"

sony werent the first to have tilting technology either! and everyone thinks nintendo were the first because of thier killer marketing campaign based over the entire fact that the controls were different and cool (not boring) so kudos to nintendo for that.



DandOm said:

I stand corrected
I wish they titles were released the same in UK as the US.
I'm wondering if Gauntlet will get release - I loved that game - great with four players.



DEMON212 said:

I heard something about Sony not being the first either, but no one told me who was and never provided a link so I assumed it was BS.

I was like you though UKMF, just a few weeks ago too, hell, 1 week ago. Didn't give it the time of day, now, I can't wait till Friday.

It's region free which means I don't have to wait months to get games that the states have had for months.

Seeing as the U.K can take upto a year later than other countries to get the same games.

My importing site that I use actually sells the games for cheaper than the U.K games stores do (by about £10-£15) so not only am I getting them at the same time as the states, i'm saving money too.

You can switch off the awful six axis fuction turning it into an X360.

It's online is a blatent rip off of XBL, but free.

The pads don't take batteries as they're built in. So while i've spent £20 on batteries for my Wiimotes in the past 4 month, I won't spend a penny on these.

It's got 1,200 backwards compatible games and 1,500 by Friday (and because I never had access to the games I wanted to because the PS2 was for my younger bro, I can now get Dev May Cry and the likes) which means there's alot of very good VERY cheap games out there.

And even more great things like this.



Yko said:

Completed Kirbys Adventure Today YAY
I'm going to try and complete Gunstar hero's now.



darthstuey said:

PS3 at £425 is ridiculous. It will end up like the PS2- hundreds of below par genre games. If all you are interested in is graphics and power then you must be 20 or under and will probably love it. Wii is the greatest console I have owned and I've owned a canny few in the 27 years I have been playing games; however I do agree that many of the launch games have been hugely disappointing. Excite truck is a good laugh and the controls work fine, Sports is great, SSX is good but finding the control system a tad tricky at the moment, Play is totally overrated but the pool and cow racing are worth a fiver, I hated Wario Ware- where was the real multi-player head to head option?, I love comics but also hated Ultimate Alliance, Sonic looks below par, Kororinpa- I like. Afraid to buy Zelda in case I lose my family for a month. despite this there are a great many high quality games coming out in the next few months- can't wait for Metal Slug Anthology. PS3- whatever!



DEMON212 said:

Darth, I completely dissagre with everything you said about the Wii games, but as I said before, it's all opinionated.

But I would just like to ask you something. Where, did I once, say that I wanted it for its amazing graphics or even mention that it had amazing graphics, WHERE?!

If I wanted amazing graphics, I wouldn't have a Wii now would I?

How the hell did you get the impression that that's all I wanted it for?

I mean for all you know we could have a bog standard T.V, and if so, wouldn't we have a HD T.V? (we do, but that's besides the point. Fact is you assumed).

And again, I agree. £425 is stupid. £40 a month for 12 months is great. And since SOny actually say that they want this console to last for 10 years, it's really great. And since the PS2 lasted 7-8, I think they're telling the truth about the 10 year plan.

And I am 20 or under (19, 20 in July) but again what does that have to do with anything? That's actually ageist to assume this and put this on all 20- people since my lil bro loves the Wii and has an X360. He also was addicted to SMB (NES) on the Wii for a couple of weeks. And he has an X360.

BTW EVC gets worse, it's now repeating questions. We've had the dogs/cats one before Ninty.

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