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Wii Sports Replacements Almost Complete

Posted by Ryan Steddy

Slowly developers are providing us with full games that centre on the sports featured in Wii Sports.

We all love Wii Sports, maybe some of the five sub-games are liked more than the other; but no one can deny it is a lot of fun on the whole and has perfectly shown off the Wii’s abilities. In its simple state each of the games show off the respective sports well, but not to a full extent. That’s why we glad to hear of singular third party games being announced that focus on one sport. This time Brunswick Pro Bowling by Crave Entertainment has filled one of the last two gaps open. All that remains now is Tennis.

Here is a round up off the sports games being released:

Bowling will have Brunswick Pro Bowling as I previously mentioned will provide a realistic take on the sport. Actually is Bowling considered a sport? …Anyway from this you can expect:

  • Realistic physics engine simulates real-time changing lane conditions and accounts for momentum and spin.
  • Unlockable content includes a variety of Brunswick balls, additional bowling centres, equipment and apparel.
  • Players in career mode will face rivals, who seek out and challenge them throughout their career.
  • Four-player online mulitiplayer.

Wii Boxing’s replacement hasn’t been 100% confirmed but it seems almost certain that EA will be releasing their Fight Night franchise on the Wii, as we reported last week. Fight Night Round 3 if it was to be released on the Wii may include:

  • One Punch Can Change a Fight—You’re never out of the fight with devastating Impact Punches. Instantly trigger an all-new Flash KO moment, or finish him off with a perfectly timed EA SPORTS™ Haymaker.
  • Put ‘Em on the Ropes—Shock your opponent with the all-new Stun Punch, then find holes in his defence as he struggles to survive.
  • Boxing’s Greatest Rivalries—Re-create legendary fights including all-time classics such as Gatti vs. Ward, Barrera vs. Morales, and Ali vs. Frazier.
  • Define Your Own Fighter—Personalise your fighter by choosing from more than 240 defensive, punching, and movement style combinations.

Remember it’s only rumoured to be in the works.

Filling in for Golf, EA’s Tiger Woods PGA 07 will be released on the Wii for the golfers among us in March and is already getting good reviews at advance play tests. Here’s what to expect:

  • All-New Team Tour Mode — Tiger Woods has assembled a team of champions and it's up to you to take them down. Master your skills, recruit an unstoppable squad, and set your sights on a showdown against Team Tiger Woods.
  • The Most PGA TOUR Players — Featuring 21 of the world's top players
  • More Mini-Game Challenges — Work on your game or take on a friend with Elimination mode, Battle Golf, Bloodsome, One-Ball, and more.

Instead of the overly simple Wii Baseball; The Bigs from 2K will bring a more in-depth imitation of the sport but will keep the arcade-like action and visuals. 2K are a subsidiary of the well-known Take-Two publishing and they are developers of the famous sports titles such as the NBA/NHL 2K[year] series. Their latest offering is to be released in the summer.

  • This over-the-top baseball action title puts an entirely new spin on Major League Baseball as it blends outrageous visuals and intuitive gameplay mechanics
  • The BIGS brings blazing graphics to huge proportions with larger-than-life MLB player models and ballparks. Featuring fantastic pitching, batting, and fielding animations
  • Gamers can also take advantage of spectacular power-ups with outrageous special effects.
  • The BIGS features online play for up to four players, making it a grand slam for online baseball battles.

Lastly there is the great English sport of Tennis. At the time there has not been an announcement of a dedicated Tennis title for the Wii. We are sure though that it won’t be too long before there is one. Hopefully Sega will release their Virtual Tennis 3 on the console, or Wanadoo will revive Next Generation Tennis 2003 turning that ‘3’ turning in to a ‘7’.

With the success of Wii Sports, all of the above titles will no doubt be very popular and provide gamers with more realistic representations of the sports featured in Wii Sports. However, the game that came free with the console will definitely not be shelved to gather dust in the mist of these new games. As it offers a unique and fun experience for gamers who love sports and also for those who are not really the outdoor type.

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James2t3 said:

I remember there was a Baseball in development for the Gamecube, Pennant chase baseball i think? It was actually pretty much finished if i remember correctly but it never saw the light of has to be in development for wii now.



dannybuoy said:

I love wii sports, especially tennis that brings so much joy to my life. This week for example, it was valentines day. I cooked my fiancee a perfect fillet steak, we drank fine champagne and talked with each other for hours. it was a proper romantic night. Anyway, I'm not digressing. We then retired to the sofa, where SHE suggested we play wii sports!! (now I know why I'm getting married to her!). We played tennis, then bowling, then I even got her to play a round of golf (although she wasnt very keen on it). Anyway, I'm rambling now, but what I'm trying to say is that Wii sports is the perfect casual game. You can pick it up, play for an hour and switch it off. I'm a bit worried by the anouncements of more in-depth bowling/baseball/boxing/tennis games. Don't get me wrong, there are many people who will be overjoyed with the prospect of taking part in a virtual career in bowling and having more to gain from the game and longevity, but I think some of the spontaneous nature will be lost. I'm beating myself up that I havent got time to finish Zelda, and these more indepth games will demand far too much of my time. In conclusion I'm looking for a game that isn't overly realistic (come on lets face it the wii's graphics aren't meant to represent real life like the PS3 and Xbox360). I need fun games, online play and pick up and play lastability. Virtual console is good but it doesn't interest my girlfriend/sister/parents/friends like wii sports does. Bring on the good stuff Nintendo and friends! (I am very excited about Resident Evil on the Wii though!



Nanaki said:

Golf, Tennis and Boxing I would get.... providing they are all decent games. Bowling and Baseball, Wii sports will cover me just fine.



Masterless said:

Yeah same here. Both bowling and baseball are very simple games in real life so don't need a massive in depth game. I probably just annoyed fans of both sports but I don't see much about them.
We really need Pro Evolution and a Rugby (Union) game on the Wii then the sports would be complete.



Caleb said:

I'm looking forward to realistic version of Tennis and Bowling. The rest.... eh.

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