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Wii Classic Controller - Hands On

Posted by Damien McFerran

So you've downloaded a few retro titles on the Virtual Console and thanks to the VCA you've made some good choices, but one thing is getting in the way of your enjoyment. Control. The Wii Remote is ok so long as you stick to NES, PCE and Megadrive/Genesis titles, and if you're lucky enough to have a GameCube pad knocking around you can use that for the SNES and N64 stuff, but it's far from perfect. Sounds like you need the Classic Controller!

Ok, so it's a bit of a con that you've got to shell out even more cash for this device but believe me, it really does make all the difference when it comes to playing VC games. The pad is basically a SNES joypad with analogue sticks. It's that simple. The d-pad is the same as that found on the Wii Remote, the GBA Micro and the Nintendo DS.

The build quality is what you'd expect from Nintendo - excellent. The design of the pad compliments the Wii Remote (nice clear plastic buttons for example) and the device sits snugly in your hands, just like the SNES pad did all those years ago. Playing games like Super Mario World is a joy - in fact it's the only way to play this game as the button layout is completely unsuited to your only other option - the Cube pad.

If you intend to take your VC gaming seriously then this really is an essential purchase. It's not going to break the bank either.

Support the VCA by ordering a classic controller from our affiliate friends Play-Asia! (US$ 24.90 / £12.83 GBP)

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GK said:

A definite requirement for anyone intending to use VC.

Nicely finished and comfortable to use. Plus a bargain when compare to the prices of rival consoles accessories.



Al said:

yes it is good, it would be even better if it was wireless insted of connecting to the wii-mote, but it gives much needed help to the snes and n64 games



Shrapnel09 said:

Here is the thing:

I love the Classic controller and i bought it even before i could a wii just so i could feel it out. Ofcourse for SNES games it will work great, no question about it. You try using a gamecube controller for Super Mario World? lol its almost laughable how horribly its set up. For most NES games it doesnt matter either way, however if your playing platformers that require you to run and jump you should just use the wiimote as your thumb aligns the two buttons properly. and sense nintendo MUST have the letters match, running and jumping in some NES games (SMB) using the classicpad you'll end up using the akward a b set up rather than the comfortable y b setup your used to in Super Mario World.
Why oh why cant you make a y b alternate controll option for nes games nintendo?! is it really that much to ask.

Genesis games doesnt matter either way, N64 games i feel its better to use a cube controller cause of how the analog stick is in a more confortable position and the A and B buttons are set up a little nicer but its kind of a close call either way.

Problems with Classic Controller:

* Cord comming out wrong end, i dont care if the wiimote is 'supposed' to sit on your lap (another design flaw right there) if a cord is coming out of the back, it will get in the way and it does.

* why are the shoulder buttons analog? unless they plan to have wii titles that require the classicpad this makes absolutly no sense at all.

But that really about it, i mean i love the controller and use it constantly, it provides a nice old school feel, which is exactly what im looking for.



Dazza said:

lol shrapnel, you are a man on a quest for perfection (re: sonic review) - I do really love the classic controller but think you are right it would be better if the cord came out from the top like the snes controller used to (or better still completely wireless like Al noted!)

I can only think the shoulder buttons are analogue because Wii games will use them. I honestly can't remember now if the N64 controller had analogue shoulder buttons like the cube controller!?

Never mind all that, does anyone have any guesses as to what the slots on the back of it are going to be used for?



Shrapnel said:

those slots on the back on the controller huh, actually i was hoping they might get a rumble feature back into N64 games and there would be rumble expansion you would have to buy to enable it for N64 games (cheap way to make money). However i would prefer the Cube controller for 64 games anyway.

heh, maybe its a wireless adapter so once you plug it in you can have a wireless controller with a 2 foot cord hanging underneith it.
oh and N64 games did not have analog.

__Required Name


Required Name said:

The D-Pad is different on the classic to the wiimote, it's much bigger and easier to navigate.



DEMON212 said:

It's great for SNES games but the Analogues could've been placed better. N64 games can be a pain. But still, it's better than the NGC pad. Just try to do a power slide on MK 64 on that pad, not happening.



Stuo said:

I was going to buy one of these pads but as yet havent, so maybe i cant comment on how useful it is... but i did get 2 x GC pads instead. I really havent found any problems with them! My main problem was the if i bought a classic pad, i still couldnt play GC games with it!! this sucked i thought, so buy a GC pad and i can play everything with it! Ok the button config isnt perfect for snes mario, but its still very playable jus takes a little bit to get used to. I dont agree with the above reviewers comments about the MK 64, it plays perfectly on the GC pad, power slides and all!!

If you can afford it, get a classic pad but you'll need to buy a GC pad as well to play any GC games. If your tight like me jus buy GC pads and enjoy all the games you can!!



Don said:

I love the controller. The gamecube controller was my first experience of a Nintendo controller, and while it was/is good, I like the Classic controller even more. In fact I wish the Classic controller could play gamecube games!

We never owned a wireless controller for the gamecube and now when we do play GC games on the wii I feel like I am on a leash! (I think Nintendo could probably talk me into shelling out some more $$ for a GC controller that you could plug into the wiimote.)



Tennant said:

I absolutely love the Classic Controller. Really comfortable to hold, and it takes the fuss out of switching between Wiimote and Gamecube controller.



Bland_Boy said:

I will buy a second Wii Classic Controller when the Wii VC gets a better selection of two(or more)-player titles...



Sarah said:

Don, it's called the Wavebird controlller and it works wonderfully on the wii. I got spoiled by the Wirelessness of the Wiimote and had to order a Wavebird GC controller a few weeks ago and love it.



Baldasacoot said:

I also can vouch for the loveliness of the classic controller.

Again though, I have a problem with the wire coming out of the bottom instead of the top. Feels like the horrible Dreamcast controller did in that respect. And those slots ...

There's a little spring-loaded button that moves a flap inside the slots. It really is a mystery what it's for. Looks like you can attach something to the controller by using the flap & slots, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's a secret competition or something? Or a secret warp button that takes you to another dimension aftre you've pressed it 100 times !? That would be typically Nintendo!



Jon said:

When I first started using the VC I thought I would get by without having to pay the 20 bucks needed to get the classic controller, but it's really a must-have it you plan to play SNES or NES games. It doesn't feel right trying to play SNES games on the GC controller.

The only things I wished nintendo would have done is let me use my old super nintendo controllers without having to buy a new one (although it actually was a good idea making us buy new ones, at least for nintendo) :/ and also I wish the wire would be coming out of the top instead of the bottom, but really I'm just a perfectionist. It was a good buy.



DEMON212 said:

Bald, i've tryed countless things with that spring button, and read the instructions cover to cover, and nothing.

Some things man just isn't meant to know, lol.



D3adKl0wn said:

Don't get me wrong, i personally love the classic controller, but I personally think that the placement of the secondary (Z)L and (Z)R buttons was a mistake (perhaps they might have been placed to the right and in line with the A,B,X,Y, buttons like a sega genesis 6 button controller, it certainly would have made fighting games nicer), also the hight of the analog sticks seems too high to be comfortable for long term use, and again, they don't click and function as a button...

but those mystery slots.. what could they be for?? maybe something as odd as a simple belt clip.. lol.. but it's intriguing for sure..



D3adKl0wn said:

i just read something regarding the slots on the Wiki

"The Classic Controller contains slots on its backside, opened via a rectangular button at the top of the controller, presumably for clipping the controller to something else.[36] The purpose for these slots remains undisclosed,[37] but it is commonly believed to be used with a special clip that clips the wii remote to the classical controller, enable it to have abilities similar to PS3's controller, as well as provide similar controls to N64's controller; Nyko had announced they are releasing such clip, in addition to a grip shell and a place to store the cable"

and i also forgot to voice my dislike for the fact that Nintendo didn't include GCN support for this controller.. boo Nintendo.. boo

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