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Welcome to the Warp Zone!

Posted by Darren Calvert

A cheeky little surprise awaits UK visitors to the Virtual Console. Next time you load up the Wii Shop if you look carefully you'll see a not very discreet smiley face which when clicked will take you to a hidden area with the text as follows:

"Welcome to the Warp Zone! ... Congratulations, you've discovered the Virtual Console's hidden area. This is your secret doorway into another dimension; a portal into the past, if you will."

Nintendo plan to use the warp zone to put up bits of trivia about some of it's main franchise characters. So far there's been info about Kirby and today if you look it's info about secrets in Ocarina of Time!

A nice little surprise if indeed a little bit superfluious!

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DJ LINK said:

Any new content on my Wii is always very exciting and much appreciated by my whole household. It's still a real novelty to have a constantly changing/updating console platform. It almost feels as though anything is possible!



Jake said:

Haha, pretty cool - just for the UK as well. Gosh it's like NOE doesn't actually hate us after all



E-dawg said:

Quote: "Gosh it's like NOE doesn't actually hate us after all"
Hey, at least you guys get TurboGrafx games, unlike us Australians.



RetroGuy said:

Quote: "Hey, at least you guys get TurboGrafx games, unlike us Australians." Trust me mate, thats not a big loss. We can all agree that we should be getting more games like Japan are getting (Streets of rage pehaps)



Dazza said:

RetroGuy: Dude that is a HUGE loss! The PC Engine games are some of the best on the Virtual Console. They all run at smooth 60Hz too!

Can't Auzzies change their Wii settings to say they are within the UK anymore? It certainly used to be possible!



DEMON212 said:

Yeah, youtube have a video of exactly how to do it. But don't get to excited guys. You can't DL Japanese or U.S games



PowerLegend said:

which means no Super Mario RPG or Kirby's Dream land 3 for Europeans/Australians.

Also if Chrono Trigger and Earthbound appear, they can't download them either

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