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Tomy Vs. Ninendo

Posted by Sammy Barker

It has been customary to track the sales figures of Nintendo consoles against that of Sony ones to learn of which company is king of the consoles.

However, today has seen some talk from toy manufacturers Tomy who have suggested Nintendo is shrinking the toy market.

The company has cut its annual profit forecast from 5 billion yen to 1.7 billion yen - a substancial drop.

They say the cut is due to increased interest in Nintendo's DS and Wii products of which are dominating their target market.

Maybe Tomy should quit moaning and try and develop products their target audience may be interested in?

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Nanaki said:

Tomy should try and see if they can make some Nintendo toys. That way everyone would be a winner



RED said:

or maybe they ought to look again at their own range rather than passing the buck... Tomy usually have a fairly niche audience the baby/toddler bracket so could do to branch out more... i like the idea of approaching companies like Nintendo though could work in the same way as the kiddy style Spidey and pals that already grace the market... nice marketing also for the big N



get2sammyb said:

Nintendo have really picked up their act in terms of marketing lately I think. It's still not brilliant but it's so much better than it has been in the past.

Well done to Nintendo for sorting that out



Damo said:

Boo hoo, Tomy! Maybe they're just bitter because all of their attempts at making decent videogames have failed.

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