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Super Paper Mario, Wii, April

Posted by Anthony Dickens

NintendoPower sets the record straight, Super Paper Mario now confirmed on Wii.

Another catch-up article, if you didn't already know Super Paper Mario has now been confirmed as a Nintendo Wii title by the NintendoPower magazine published by Nintendo in the USA.

"Nintendo Power (lest we forget, the official publication of Nintendo of America) is reporting that Super Paper Mario is destined to appear on the Wii in the US this April. It's the first time that a date has been publicly attached to the title, yet confusion still reigns over which platforms it will be appearing on - whilst the Wii version is a given, Nintendo's North American site also lists a GameCube version, the Japanese site fails to acknowledge a Cube release for the game."

This game looked like one of the last few great Gamecube games, alas its now on Wii and scheduled for release, excellent. We'll be bringing you a preview soon and then a review later in the year.


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Masterless said:

A must buy, every since I saw a movie of it aages ago, and that was on the GC. Can't wait to see it wii-fied.



Damo said:

Hmmm. This worries me a bit and reminds me of the way developers held back GBA titles for release on the DS, with touch-screen features needlessly tacked on.

I hope they're adding some worthwhile wiimote stuff.



RED said:

looking forward to this title very much... love the style as with it's Cube predecessor

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