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Starfox 2 Footage Hits The Net

Posted by Sammy Barker

The unreleased sequel to Starfox has had a number of bits of footage floating around on the Internet just lately and I thought you might like to share it with me.

Whether this is old news or not I'm not totally sure but I wasn't even aware of a Starfox 2. I'm sure the geeks will be flying over here to set me straight on the record but I'll just be on Youtube drooling over the footage I have never seen before. Care to join me?

Update by Anthony Dickens - Yeah, there was a sequel in development from Nintendo, its quite famously never been release although there were demos hanging around in the 90s, its quite famous in the emulation world ever since a handful of beta builds were leaked. You can read a load more about the game over at SNES Central. Now we're not ones to condone emulators, but wouldn't it be cool if Nintendo actually finished off Star Fox 2 and released it on the Virutal Console?

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Damo said:

This is old news I'm afraid. If you know the right place to look you can even download the beta ROM - it runs pretty well in most SNES emulators actually. Amazingly someone has actually got this working on a SNES console (using the kind of carts they usually release pirate games on). There was a massive feature on this in a previous issue of Retro Gamer, and I mentioned the game in my own 'Making of Starfox' piece in the same magazine. If you head over to, click on the media section and go to 'Damien's Writing' there's a PDF scan of the feature.



get2sammyb said:

Yeah, so I'm told.

I was totally unaware of the Starfox 2 game, let alone any movies of it or even a BETA version.

Phat_Ant sent me the BETA version over MSN yesterday and I've been enjoying it.

Sorry about the old news - but hey - if I didn't know about the game I'm sure there are plenty of others that didn't either huh?

I'm gonna go check out your link now

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