Exciting PAL Virtual Console Releases

It's Virtual Console time again! This week Nintendo have given us twice the excitement....

As we all know, today is the official PAL release day for Excite Truck (which is actually a pretty decent game). But what most did not know was that it would also be the release date for Excitebike as well. How... exciting!

There are a couple other familiar titles in this weeks release, including that fat pink blob the Americans got on Monday, as well as the popular space shooter R-Type. Alas, no Kid Icarus or Ice Climbers for us yet.

Anyways, here is the breakdown for the week:

NES: 500 Points

  • Excitebike™ (1 player)
  • Kirby's Adventure™ (1 player)

SNES: 800 Points

  • R-TYPE III™ The Third Lightning (1-2 players)

TurboGrafx: 600 Points

  • New Adventure Island™ (1 player)

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[via nintendo-europe.com]