Europe VC releases - 16th February

It's going to be another great week for European Wii gamers. OK so none of these games are going to completely blow you away, but then again none of them are turkeys either! 2 of the best NES games are up for grabs, a classic PC Engine platformer and one of the best horizontal shoot-em-ups to grace the Super Nintendo.

Here's the reviews for the new European VC games released tomorrow:

Excitebike - NES
Kirby's Adventure - NES
New Adventure Island - PC Engine

As for our recommendations this week, it all comes down to personal choice. I'd say Kirby's Adventure is probably my favourite of the bunch but then I have been playing it solidly for 4 days since it was on the USA VC! You won't go far wrong with any of these games, if you have never played Excitebike you really owe it to yourself to give it a go!