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Woman Dying For A Wii, Dies

Posted by Anthony Dickens

28 year old Jennifer Strange was dead after a radio station contest to win a Wii console for her children.

CNN have reported on the tragic conclusion to KDND's contest, the death of one of its contestants. She was one of a few whom stepped up to the challenge of seeing how much water they could drink before needing to goto the bathroom.

"Jennifer Strange, 28, was found dead Friday in her suburban Rancho Cordova home hours after taking part in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest in which KDND 107.9 promised a Nintendo Wii video game system for the winner.

"She said to one of our supervisors that she was on her way home and her head was hurting her real bad," said Laura Rios, one of Strange's co-workers at Radiological Associates of Sacramento. "She was crying, and that was the last that anyone had heard from her."

A preliminary investigation found evidence "consistent with a water intoxication death," said assistant Coroner Ed Smith."

A fellow contestant has told CNN of the woman, whom was believed to be trying to win the console for her kids.

"They were small little half-pint bottles, so we thought it was going to be easy," said fellow contestant James Ybarra of Woodland. "They told us if you don't feel like you can do this, don't put your health at risk." "I was talking to her and she was a nice lady," Ybarra said. "She was telling me about her family and her three kids and how she was doing it for her kids."

Only in America.

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Nintendofan said:

Thanks. Anyways some people do not know about Water Death, By drinking to much water. I hope the Kids get the wii at least, Even though It can never replace a mother.



Masterless said:

That is pretty sad. Her kids must have wanted one so much she would have done anything to make them happy. A brilliant Mum, so respect goes to her, and yeah hopefully the kids will get some wii's and games.



SomeBitTripFan said:

Poor woman. Hopefully her children have recovered emotionally from this. That's a sad way to lose a loved one, for a Wii.

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