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SSX Blur Demo Video

Posted by Anthony Dickens

EA release another video of its upcoming Snowboarding title SSX Blur, set to be the 5th game in the series.

Here's a treat for the weekend, another video from EA demoing the control scheme of the latest SSX game, interestingly it looks like you'll be steering the board with your left hand rather than your right.

We've also heard that EA Big's snowboarding game is due out on the 16th March 2006 in Europe.



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Shitan said:

How can they release this and Tiger Woods on the same day. I want both!



Masterless said:

A pretty strange control scheme. I thought the wiimote would control most of the turning, you know with it being identical almost to an actual snowboard. Who knows, I guess it works best they way.



Nanaki said:

I hope that this title will live up to the first 3 SSX's, imo the last one was a bit of a letdown.

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