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60Hz for PAL Wii Virtual Console online petition

Posted by Darren Calvert

Spence a friend of the Virtual Console Archive has taken the time to set up a online petition with the hope of getting Nintendo to change their stance on forcing gamers in the PAL regions to only have the choice of the shoddy 50Hz conversions. We think it is worth spending 2 minutes to sign:

Sign the petition to get riddy of shoddy 50Hz PAL Virtual Console Games!

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P.Barker said:

In this day andage there really is no need for god awful 50hz PAL conversions, it's just laziness!



Iblis said:

Please add 60Hz support and PLEASE make the VC games work with Component Cable. Nintendo says they want their customers to enjoy their games in the best screen resolution possible. This should also count for VC games!



srhuqk said:

Hello! You have an outstanding good and well structured site.

Good bye.



lemon said:

Nintendo, please, I want to play the games in original speed!



Cyber_Axe said:

lol whom is this spence person? that petition was setup by me and just so you know i am now submitting it to nintendo

__Jan Martin


Jan Martin said:

The Virtual console would be so much better with 60Hz. Please consider it, Nintendo.

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