Two peices of Zelda news in one nicely packaged news article. Firstly the bad news, Zelda DS aka Phantom Hourglass has been pushed back, doh.

"Game Informer is reporting that Phantom Hourglass has not just been pushed back to "early 2007" as previously reported, but all the way to October 15th, 2007. If so, that means the first DS Zelda adventure will be out next Holiday season. We've also heard rumors the game is getting a major reworking since E3 2006 - as nothing new has been shown for the title since that time."

However, some other news that we all hoped would be true; another Zelda game is currently in development for Wii, hopefully this time making full use of the Wii mote.

"The other cool bit of information is also a rumor from Game Informer, which states the next Wii Zelda has already been under development for about a year (this sort of contradicts what the Iwata Asks interviews have been saying, but hey, nothing is impossible). The bottom line from the rumor is expect the next Wii Zelda sooner rather than later."

We'll no doubt see a trickle of information about the new Zelda game over the next few years, but don't expect a release until at least 2008!