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Wii Go Online Second Quarter Of 2007

Posted by Sammy Barker

Reggie Fils-Aime has announced the full details of when we can expect to take the Wii online for multiplayer gaming.

Speaking with SpikeTV's Game Head Show he said:

"The multiplayer is coming. During the Japanese launch, there is Pokémon Battle Revolution, and that's really the first one. There will be titles that we'll be announcing in first quarter 2007, that'll be multiplayer-enabled. So during second quarter 2007, people will be able to have a multiplayer experience on Wii."

Fils-Aime went on to talk about Wii Channels and announced that there were plenty more in development but didn't give away any details on exactly what we could expect.

Fingers crossed for an online Mario Kart game.


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Nanaki said:

I so hope one of the games he is refering to is Smash Bros Brawl!



benwalker92 said:

That's cool. An online Mario Kart game is imminent. As for SSBB, I don't know whether that'll be online, because it's so high action. But you never know. Hope it is, coz it rocks.

I wonder what new Wii Channels there are =O



RED said:

not bloody soon enough imo... 360 was online from launch, so why not Wii also?!

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