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Unannounced Hudson Title Coming To VC?

Posted by Sammy Barker

Previously unannounced TurboGrafx title Alien Crush is likely to make a release on the Virtual Console this Monday.

In a post on Hudson's company website an employee teased:

"Stay tuned! This upcoming Monday Dec 11th, there will be a new TurboGrafx game coming to your Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii! It's a new one, which has not been announced yet. Best of all, it's one of the most requested games that fans want. Oooohh! Tasty!

Which one is it?

If you guess right, you get a chance to win a free Fatal Fury hat!

Here's a tip: All brain, no skull. All eyes, no nose."

Form the clue the game is very likely a reference to the Alien Crush cover, an alien themed pinball game which is considered a cult gem.

Other guesses have included Splatterhouse.

While this applies to American Wii's it does open up the question as to what other "surprise" Virtual Console releases will we see in the future?



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ReInstall said:

Cool, but I hope it doesn't slow down the release of Gunstar Heroes. I'm hoping for it to be available on Monday!



Damo said:

The VC is getting some seriously decent software now...Alien Crush is one of the grestest pinball sims of all time!

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