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Record Breaker!

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Wii sets a UK record, fastest selling console of all time.

The UK arm our favourite Japanese gaming mecha, Nintendo, has announced that over 105,000 Wii consoles were sold over launch weekend, a new record. The previous record was last year when the Xbox 360 sold 70,000 on its launch weekend. What's funny is that apparently Nintendo sold over 110,000 DS units over the same period! Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Play were the top selling games. also saw the Wii setting new records, James Schall, videogame manager for Amazon UK to comment "We expected a high number of people to visit the site but the response was phenomenal, it's the fastest-selling pre-order item we have ever encountered - even eclipsing Harry Potter and Coldplay."

Sony's response? "We feel very confident that the PlayStation fan is going to wait until they can get a PlayStation 3...If they do pick up a Wii, it's as more of a novelty," says Sony spokesman Dave Karraker.

Novelty, sure.


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Damo said:

Typical Sony. They simply can't resist having a dig. They said the same things when the DS was released, let's hope they get egg on their faces again with the PS3.



dannybuoy said:

I feel a back lash against high end graphics/PS3/etc is on the way. The amount of coverage I have seen for the Wii has been unprecidented. It's everywhere! News papers, mags all over the place. I really think it has captured the imagination of gamers everywhere and they don't give a hoot about the graphics. I think when the PS3 is released over here (UK) it will be seen as an exclusive platform for hardcore gamers, where as the Wii is seen as an inclusive platform that spans generations. I'm personally very excited about the future of Wii. I have been speaking to lots of PS2/PSP owners recently and they're all banging on about the Wii and how cool it looks and are taking a wait-and-see approach on the PS3.



Masterless said:

LOL on the pic aNt.
Sony's comment is a really bitchy, but they have a reason to, they are worried about the Wii vs their system.

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