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Nintendo NOT Recalling Wrist Straps

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Internet wild fire causes a problem again, Nintendo will replace broken straps but its certainly not a product recall.

It amazes me that professional media sites can get it so wrong, Nintendo have yesterday announced that they will replace any broken wrist straps free of charge but should not be considered a product recall (when a company asks specifically for people to return the product). Here's a except from the Nintendo UK press release:

"Nintendo is not recalling any of the Wii wrist straps for its motion sensitive Wii Remote. There is no problem with the existing wrist strap as long as the Wii Remote is used sensibly and properly in accordance with the guidelines provided by Nintendo. All parts of the wrist strap have passed product testing and quality control."

However, Nintendo have "upgraded" the strap to a new thicker version on all new controllers, apparently this is just to improve the strength. Using the controller correctly means it would never break in the first place. They've also issued some new guidelines, reiterating the fact that you need to "hold on" to the Wiimote at all times. Duh.

Interestingly Nintendo have also described a few changes that they'll make to the Wii software over the next few weeks:

  • Send electronic messages to Internet-connected Wii systems to highlight key Wii safety points.
  • Update the Wii operations manual and the manual for Wii Sports with additional wrist strap cautions and specific game advice.
  • Update on-screen wrist strap advisories to include additional messaging.

If you've had a problem with your Wiimote strap, here's the contact info:

"Consumers who break their wrist straps through excess usage or who are worried about their wrist strap should contact their nearest Nintendo Service Center voluntary exchange programme has been provided where consumers can replace wrist straps free of charge upon request."


Wii Wrist Strap,
Nintendo Service Centre,
CoDEStorm House
Walton Road

Telephone: 0870 60 60 247 (Calls are charged at the National Rate to the caller)

Don't blame Nintendo for this one User error.


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Masterless said:

Today I was bored so I actually tried throwing my remote with the strap on at a cushion. I didn't throw it very hard but it was still an actual throw and it didn't break. How do people break it I still don't understand.



dannybuoy said:

I admit the cord is very thin, but for someone to break it would have to be some sort of idiot. I think that the little clear plastic clip on the nun chuck plug might be responsible for damaging the fibres of the cord when you snap it in and out..



The_Stig said:

I bet you though, once Super Smash Bros comes out on the Wii, your wrist band may snap. It's hectic as hell on the game cube. I always get the good ol' sweaty hand syndrome when playing it.



Nanaki said:

Smash bros wont use the Wii-Mote, classic controller for that game.



TwilightQuest said:

If your breaking the straps, your taking the whole "realistic controls" thing a bot too far...

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