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Know Your Mushrooms

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Getting abit sweaty whilst playing Wii Sports? GameStation have the answer, Nintendo sweatbands!

Component cables seem to be somewhat like gold dust at the moment, mine finally arrived this morning. Fellow staff member Tom "Nanaki" Bowskill managed to hook me up with one of those MadCatz component cables, which seems to be doing a fine job.

Tom always treats his editor nice, this time he included a few new goodies they've recently got in the store, a pair of Nintendo wristbands!

I'll now be able to show off my Hyrule connections with a trendy black Zelda wristband with Triforce motif, shine get. Included with this was another wristband, white, reading "Know Your Mushrooms". Finally there's a Zelda Hylian Shield pin, I'm not entirely sure where I'm gonna put this, but cool never the less! Great work Tom.

You should know by now who will look the coolest whilst playing some Wii Sports. I hear GameStation are offering a bunch of similar accessories at the moment, perhaps the perfect little Christmas present for someone?

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