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Free Opera Browser From Friday 22nd December

Posted by Dan Styan

The free Opera browser trial for the Nintendo Wii, is up for download from this Friday

On Dec. 22, Nintendo and Opera Software bring the Internet to the living room couch with a free trial version of the Opera Web browser. Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can download a free trial Opera browser to activate the Internet Channel of the Wii Menu and begin surfing the Web.

After the trial, the final version of the Opera browser will be available at the end of March 2007, and will be free for all Wii owners to download through the end of June. After June 2007, the browser will be available for download in the Wii Shop Channel for 500 Wii Points.

I'm not too sure if I'm the only one, but I'm not too sure how the browser will work, how do you 'type' in I assume you move the remote over the letters. I'm sure after the novelty has set in, people won't bother using the browser, if it's too difficult to operate.

Whilst the Opera browser is good news for the Wii, I'd be more happy if the browser was Mozilla Firefox.

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Masterless said:

Opera is the best browser imo. It's the best choice for Wii especially if it keeps mouse/remote movements.



Dazza said:

Opera is the best browser if you want half of the sites you look at to look broken. No web designers I know give anything more than a 2nd thought to this curosity.

If I can watch youtube from the sofa however nintendo have it cracked!



dannybuoy said:

Hmmm... I'm not sure if it's going to be worth the hassle without a keyboard. Last night I was trying to configure my Club Nintendo/Wii shop login and it was a right polava. It takes far too long to enter long URLs etc. Is there a USB keyboard in the works? There friggin should be!



Masterless said:

I don't have much experience of sites being broken. The occasional one where they see Opera and reject you but thats not the browsers fault. Its always the web designers fault



The_Stig said:

Yer it's always the web designers fault, however, if you code correctly and to w3 standards, I bet you some of it doesn't work in IE



Dazza said:

I agree with you Stig but unfortuntaly developers have to optimise for IE6 and IE7 above everything else. Then jigging to get layout spot on for Firefox and mac browsers! It's great Opera is so wonderfully standards compliant but I've always found even the best developers treat it as an afterthought and get caught out with layers that don't float properly or bits of JavaScript that does not work. It's just another pain in the arse browser to cater for.

Well at least the Netscape of old is dead. I prefer the IE emulator versions they have caved in to these days!!

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