Along with the release data announcement Nintendo also included a host of information about the upcoming Wii racer.

"As Nintendo’s first racing title for the innovative Wii console, Excite Truck sets the standard for motion-sensitive racing, a challenge that this game happily accepts. To control their trucks players hold the Wii Remote on its side and tilt it left and right like a steering wheel, allowing accurate and intuitive control. The skills required to be a champion don’t just stop at being able to throw the truck round corners and perform elaborate power slides. As players perform huge jumps they must tilt the Wii Remote forwards or backwards to align their vehicle’s wheels with the ground – a perfect landing will result in a vital speed boost.

In the game’s main Race Mode finishing first is not the only way to win! Clearing one stage will unlock the next, but as well as scoring points to finish a level by finishing first, players can top up their scores with points for drifting, jumping, smashing into other cars and off-roading through trees. There are numerous tracks to be unlocked ranging from snowy mountains to sandy beaches and plush jungles. Players can earn over 20 types of truck, by unlocking new ones as they progress through the game. Players can also customise their trucks by painting them with their favourite colours and it is possible to unlock special paint jobs for the various trucks by accomplishing certain achievements with one truck. When the paint jobs for all the trucks have been unlocked a special monster truck will be unlocked and available for you to enjoy.

Becoming a true master of Excite Truck isn’t an easy task as no two races are exactly the same. While racing, gamers will come across items, which change the course in real-time, causing mountains to grow and land to fall-away into the sea. The key to becoming a truly great racer is learning to respond to these dynamic changes without losing speed.

Fear not though! Perfecting your driving techniques in Excite Truck is not as mammoth a task as it seems, thanks to the game’s Challenge Mode, where players can take part in different challenges such as jumping through a sequence of rings, slaloming through gates and even crashing into other trucks to practice and polish the different techniques required.

Excite Truck is the first Wii game to make use of the console’s SD card slot, allowing users to customise the in-game sound. Players can select their favourite MP3s from a selection on their SD Card and replace the game’s music with those tracks. Whatever your taste in music Excite Truck will be right up your street.

Want to show off your new-found skills? Well never fear, Excite Truck features a multiplayer versus mode where two players can challenge each other in a one on one race around any of the unlocked tracks, using vehicles which the player has earned during the single player game."

We'll be posting a review of the US version of Excite Truck in the next week or so.