EA has previously worked with Headgate Studios on an external contract basis but after six years the video game giant has finally snapped up the company and is focusing it on development for the Wii console.

Vance Cook, founder and CEO of Headgate, is set to continue his role as Executive Producer, reporting to Nick Earl, Vice President & General Manager of EA Redwood Shores/Maxis, and her had the following to say:

"Having worked with EA for the past six years, we know their teams share our work ethic, passion for creative excellence and commitment to quality. By joining EA, we are making official what we all already feel - that we are part of the EA family. We couldn't be happier."

Paul Lee (president of EA studios) also went on the record about the purchase:

"The team at Headgate is a great fit with EA's creative team. Their creative spirit and technical leadership have separated them from the pack. Salt Lake City is a terrific place to make games - it's a dynamic city with a vibrant creative community and a great quality of life. We are thrilled to have them join EA."

What this means I am not entirely sure, as EA usually just bring out the same game optimised for each respective console, but whether a studio devoted to the Wii means that EA will develop a few exclusives for the console could lead to more excellent news for the Nintendo Wii.

[via cubed3.com]