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Posted by Anthony Dickens

The mammoth UK retailer has announced more Wii consoles will go on sale at 3pm today.

Some of you unlucky gamers that still haven't got a Wii have just been given another chance to snap one up, the email went out about half an hour ago with the consoles going on sale in just over an hour.

"Dear Nintendo fan,

Great news! We've managed to get our hands on some more Wii consoles and will be putting them on sale between 3pm and 4pm today (Friday, December 8). Last time we sold out in 7 minutes and we expect this batch to go even more quickly.

Nintendo sold 600,000 consoles in just 8 days in the US, so you can bet that the Nintendo Wii is THE must-have item of 2006."

We'd suggest you get on the Wii product page asap and try and snap one up!


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antdickens said:

lol, looks like it sold out within a minute or so. I managed to get one into my shopping basket but straight away it was out of stock. Doh Oh well, the office Wii will have to wait.



Shad said:

I managed to get one, you needed to activate one-click ordering!

However when I changed my delivery type (from first class to express) it changed the estimated delivery date from 12-13th December to the 7-9th February!! On the other hand it also says I cannot cancel my order as it is despatching soon, who knows the hell is happening.



stevey5127 said:

I found the same thing....I ordered it the moment it popped up...then it said coming in it says they're dispatching it!!

I'm optimistic.



Shad said:

I e-mailed them and the estimated delivery was just an error, my Wii has entered the despatch process! Weeeee



stevey5127 said:

me too...yay! I wish I hadn't changed the dispatch method from Express to super saver now...

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