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Weekend Of Wii

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Alas the Wii consumes me, the weekend primarily consists of lots of Wii action.

You've probably noticed that updates have been rather lacking the past few days, for that I am sorry. But as you may know, Fedex dropped off my Wii last week which meant the past two days was my first weekend of Wii. Did you really expect me to leave it alone?

Considering I have 4 games at the moment, which have I been playing the most? Actually its a very simple answer: Zelda. Nintendo fan-boys around the world can rest easy, Zelda is back and Zelda is awesome.

I'll restrain myself from giving you the details, but I'm a decent number of hours into the game now, it really feels quite close to Ocarina of Time, but with a few added treats. Is this the best Zelda game ever? It's hard to call right now, but its still in the running that's for sure.

Super Monkey Ball and Wii Sports also got some playtime, but mainly when I didn't have enough time to play Zelda, both are great fun but contain little depth, pretty much as expected. I'll be honest and admit that Wii Sports is actually alot more fun than I expected, can't wait to hook it up for some 4 player action.

Red Steel has been left on the side for now, after a turbulent first hour I was left a little luke warm, I'll come back to this one though, I'm sure once I've mastered the controllers the game will interest me more.

Updates will resume today, couple of news stories coming straight up followed by the AV Hardware Guide later on this evening. Don't forget, if you still have any Wii questions feel free to ask here.

Interesting Wii Fact Of The Day: I discovered that I can charge my phone via the Wii's USB socket, great work Nintendo!

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The_Stig said:

Hmm, I've never been a fan of Zelda. Is the new Zelda, playable by anyone who's not played a Zelda game before, or does it have a story line linked to the previous games?



antdickens said:

Storyline isn't really linked, you don't NEED to know about the Zelda universe. Perfectly possible for new players to come along and get involved, but if you didn't like previous Zelda games, you probably won't be that interested. Your missing out though, Zelda is the LOTR of video games.



The_Stig said:

Well, the one and only Zelda game that I've played was on the NES and you had t collect bread or something stupid, never really interested me.

Twas the game where the case is gold, i'm sure things have moved on since then though

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