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Use Your DS For Midi?

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Homebrew scene comes up with another clever use of the DS interface, a MIDI controller!

Joystiq have reported that a small group of homebrew developers (Tobias "0xtob" Weyand and Collin "TheRain" Meyer) in Germany are currently developed a system dubbed "DS Midi WiFi" that allows the DS to exchange MIDI data with a PC.

"The exchange works both ways, so users can tap out tunes on their touch screens (using an accompanying keyboard app), while PCs receive and output the data; or, more sophisticated tracks can be composed using a MIDI sequencer on PC, and then beamed to DS for playback."

Hmm, interesting. Check out the video from YouTube.

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Masterless said:

pretty neat. And its free!
Homebrew software is brilliant. It's great people take the time to do these things.

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