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UK Wii Importers Can Use Credit Cards Afterall

Posted by Anthony Dickens

All you have to do it set your country to "Brazil" and it'll accept your credit card details, excellent!

As a UK-er who imported a Wii console, the only thing that didn't work straight out of the box was buying Wii Points via a credit card from within the Wii Shop channel, the solution was to simply buy the pre-paid ones and enter the number - which works, but its abit long winded.

The main problem was the billing address for the credit card, it needed to be somewhere in America for the sales tax processing to work. However today some bright spark (Daz over at The Virtual Console Archive) came up with the idea to change the location of the console to Brazil and see how it alters the credit card processing forms.

Genius! It works, you now only get asked for the "Postal Code" from your billing address, enter in the UK info and click proceed, everything works fine, I've tried and tested it myself.

I think I owe Daz a pint.


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Dazza said:

Hi, It's Daz! This was a well timed bit of luck for me. I got my Wii last Wednesday but had no Wii Points (a big problem as we were launching the Virtual Console Archive!!) - After buying as many points as I could from sellers on who were willing to scratch the cards and email me the codes I still found ultimate flustration because of the Thanksgiving vacation!

Then like a ray of light the answer appeared to me. 2000 points cost me a bargainous £10.66 and I didn't get a call from my CC company warning me of potential fraud! I guess like I heard the way Mastercard and Visa work in Brazil is in a much less structured way to the USA.



antdickens said:

haha, hey man... thanks for the tip, works a charm got mine last Wednesday aswell.

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