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Nintendo Wiimote

Posted by Dan Styan

Nintendo's Wiimote taking the fun out of gaming, bad style...

As the Wii has launched in US, dozens of complaints have been aroused. The straps on the Wiimote have been snapping under pressure of hyperactive Americans, having fun with their Wii, or so they thought...

This guy was playing on his Wii, then the wristband snapped and hit into his tv, cracking the TV screen.
Poor TV

Here is a video of someone who was playing the Wii, and the wristband snapped and hit the wall.
IGN Video

Hearing this news is going to put the fun out of the experience for me, in the back of my mind I'll be expecting it to break. Hopefully you can put your own wristband on.

Update: You can find loads more pictures of the 0wn3d TV over on the Something Awful forum.


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Visor said:

lol, idiots probably dont realise they have to hold on to the controller



Masterless said:

For it to snap he must have thrown the wiimote quite hard, and yeah if you are using it like that hold on to it!
Like one comment on that site says: do tennis rachets come with straps? no.



The_Stig said:

I can't imagine them not holding onto it correctly, cos that would be stupid and feel weird. I can only imagine they have the legendary sweaty hands and it slipped out and somehow snapped



Masterless said:

It could be a faulty strap which hopefully won't occur often. Lets just remember to hold on and dry our hands often. I am still going to wary of letting my non-gamer noob friends touch my peripherals

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