Based on the same technology as that used in Hollywood, the Sonic Cineplayer CE DVD Navigator will bring exceptional quality DVD playback to the Nintendo Wii aswell as advanced modes such as widescreen, motion menus and multiple angles. The software also supports all standard video and audio formats.

“To be involved in Nintendo’s ground-breaking gaming console is extremely gratifying and a testament to the efficiency, flexibility and dependability of Sonic’s technology,” said Jim Taylor, senior vice president and general manager of Sonic’s Advanced Technology Group. “Game consoles represent a fresh market and platform where we can introduce a new audience of potentially millions to the quality of our brand and the power of our digital media applications.”

With every piece of technology on todays market seemingly able to playback DVDs I'm not entirely sure how valuable this upgrade of the Wii hardware will be, but it may well help to boost Nintendo's sales as it is likely that when an upgraded Wii is released, Sony and Microsoft will drop the prices of their respective consoles.