In the country where lawsuits are far to common, are Nintendo looking down the barrel of a gun? We've seen multiple reports of gamers "complaining" of aches and pains caused by hours of Wii action.

"I woke up Saturday morning after a Friday filled with at least 10 hours of playing Dragon Ball Z and Raving Rabbids on my Nintendo Wii, and my shoulders hurt like hell. I was sure I had slept wrong or something, since the pain felt similar to a stiff neck. It wasn't until later when I pulled out the Wiimote for some more crazy-haired fighting action that I realized where the pain was coming from."

Of course, Nintendo realize, like anyone else, that when you move your body its considered exercise. I've had first hand experience of Wii action, hours upto hours of gaming and no problems, I don't even consider myself to be a "fit" person. Shame on you lardies. Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan has responded on the issue.

"It was not meant to be a Jenny Craig supplement," she says. "If people are finding themselves sore, they may need to exercise more."

We don't know who the hell Jenny Craig is, but we agree with the second part, c'mon people, we can actually use Wii as a positive thing, the entire gaming industry has had parents on its back for years saying it affects their child's health, now we can say that Nintendo has release a child exercise machine! Excellent.