The popular gaming website today posted the news on its homepage over at explaining the situation and why it has to close its doors.

"As of today, will not be in the position to accept any new orders and will cancel and refund all existing orders that have already been placed. Furthermore, Lik-Sang is working closely with banks and PayPal to refund any store credits held by the company, and the customer support department is taking care of any open transactions such as pending RMAs or repairs and shipping related matters. The staff of Lik-Sang will make sure that nobody will get hurt in the crossfire of this ordeal."

Sony have been on a war path to get sites like closed for the last couple of years, complaining mainly about the grey imports of its products. The electronics giant recently obtained a judgement from the High Court in London deeming Lik-Sang's sales of PSP consoles "unlawful". explained that they were "forced to close down", "due to multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.".

"Today is Sony Europe victory about PSP, tomorrow is Sony Europe’s ongoing pressure about PlayStation 3. With this precedent set, next week could already be the stage for complaints from Sony America about the same thing, or from other console manufacturers about other consoles to other regions, or even from any publisher about any specific software title to any country they don’t see fit. It’s the beginning of the end... of the World as we know it", stated Pascal Clarysse, formerly known as the Marketing Manager of

It seems not only that Sony want to sell you an over priced Foreman Grill, but they want you to buy it when they want you too and where they want you to.

Those of you looking to import Japanese DS and Wii games will have to look else where. Shame.