The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is probably the most anticipated title for Nintendo's Next Generation console, and it will undoubtedly play a role on the Wii's success in the upcoming console war.

The German Nintendo Magazine N-Zone has published a huge story on the game, and it reveals some very nice information that we didn't know. The article tells us that the game will be around 70 hours long, including tons of side quests, new huge dungeons and 9 temples.

They also stated that Link will be right handed in the Wii version and left handed in the Gamecube version. In the previous games in the series, he is left handed, but as most people are right handed, it make sense that they change it, as you'll actually be able to manually control link's hand with the wiimote in the wii version.

Set in the time after Ocarina of Time, the game world will be bigger than ever before, but quite early in the game you will get your own horse to help you travel, and it's faster than the one in OOT.

The release is getting closer and closer, and we're looking forward to this title in one of the best gaming series ever, so stay tuned for further updates.