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Miyamoto Says The Wii Hardware Is Basically A GC

Posted by Aleksander Aasnes

Shigeru Miyamoto recently made a very interesting statement, in a recent interview with, he said that Nintendo's upcoming gaming system is nothing more than an upgraded Gamecube.

"The hardware is basically a Gamecube. We've upgraded our development tools to new versions but, you can still use Gamecube programs as they are. With that in mind, I thought we could remake Gamecube titles for the Wii and modify them to work with the Wii remote so that they're more fun to play."

Obviously, we all knew that Nintendo wasn't going to participate in the graphics war of Sony and Microsoft, but instead going their own way, with the main focus on innovation, gameplay and marketing expansion. However, most people are also expecting visually improvements, can we get this with the hardware of Nintendo's new flagship in the console market?

Well, on the one hand, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360will undoubtedly have better graphics than the Wii, especially in terms of resolution, as they support HD. But on the other hand, developers are more familiar with Wii's hardware, so it will be easier and less time consuming to make games for it. Still, with titles like Resident Evil 4 for the Gamecube, an updated version of the cube should be to able deliver decent looking games.

Nevertheless, gameplay and innovation is the big N's main focus, and above all, games are supposed to be fun, right? So, if they can deliver games that are more fun and entertaining than the other two consoles, and for less money, does it really matters if the games doesn't have as good graphics?

Also, we must not forget that if the Wii had all the new hardware and HD support, like the PS3 and 360, it would be much more expansive, and since market expansion is one of Nintendo's major aims, price is important.

To sum up, it might be correct that the hardware is an updated gamcube, but if Nintendo succeeds, the price and gameplay should make up for that.


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ReInstall said:

Hmm, I heard the Wii was over twice as powerful as the GC. In fact in the same interview Mr Miyamoto says:

For a brief period of time, some of the staff said, "The Wii has better capabilities than the GC so lets improve the graphics."
But Zelda fans aren’t really looking forward to a improved version of the game and are only looking for it to be fun so, I said all we have to do is make something fun for both the Wii and GC.



Gazi said:

Well, he only says that it's an updated version of the Gamecube, he doesn't mention anything on how powerful it is. In the quote in the article, that is.



Nanaki said:

I play PS1 games still, I love N64 games and I enjoy GBA titles. Graphics have gotten to a point where they don't mean too much to me. Sure its nice to have them crisp, but gameplay is taking the front seat for this generation.

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