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Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

Posted by James "Cockburn" White

Good news for early adopters; The Nintendo Wiis Opera web browser will be free to download until June 2007.

A press released by Opera today has stated that the Wii web browser will be free to download until June 2007. The browser will not cost a thing once downloaded. After that you will be required to use up your Wii points to download the browser.

Opera have also stated what their web browser will support various addons such as flash and AJAX allowing you to view almost any website a personal computer can.

The browser will also support many common facilities such as book marking, zooming in and out. Opera will fully utilise the Wii remote for easy navigation.


Opera Software today announced details on its browser for Nintendo’s soon-to-be released game console, Wii. Opera’s full Web browser is available for download from the "Wii Shop Channel". Nintendo has stated that they will offer Opera free of charge as a temporary promotion for all Wii users until June 2007.

From July 2007, users can purchase the Opera browser using Wii points. Wii points are credits users can buy that allow them to add new games or the Opera browser to their Wii consoles. The number of Wii points required to purchase Opera has not yet been announced.

With support for Flash and AJAX-based content such as Google maps, Wii users will benefit from a feature-rich Internet experience that is uniquely customized for the Wii. Opera for Wii boasts the same complete standards support as the Opera 9 Desktop browser, and includes the added functionality of "Zoom" and "Bookmarks". The Wii remote control will also be an integral part of browsing, allowing users to intuitively control the Web with their Wii remotes.

Nintendo has previously announced that Wii will be available in the U.S. on November 19, 2006, Japan on December 2, 2006, and in Europe on December 8, 2006. The cost for the console is $249.99 or 25,000 Yen.

About Opera for Devices
Opera provides an optimized implementation of Internet technologies for handheld devices, digital TV and other devices, with innovative and powerful features that seamlessly adapt the Internet experience to suit varying screen sizes and input devices. In addition to being a full Internet browser, Opera is a high performance execution environment for Web applications and dynamic user interfaces based on interoperable open Web technologies such as AJAX.

About Opera Software ASA
Opera Software ASA has redefined Web browsing for PCs, mobile phones and other networked devices. Opera's cross- platform Web browser technology is renowned for its small size, performance and standards-compliance, while giving users a faster, safer and more dynamic online experience. Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices around the world. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol OPERA. Learn more about Opera at


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The_Stig said:

I still think having a DVD player is more important than having a browser on a games console, I still wouldn't use either, but whats the point in having a browser on the console?

My only thought is playing retro games and want ot find cheats to unlock more secrets, without having to go on your pc :S



Gazi said:

Because now you can surf the Internet in your living room on a huge screen, most people don't know how to do that, and it's easier than ever with the Wii.

As for the DVD player, I'm glad they didn't include one, it costs money, so the console would be more expansive, and seriously, who needs a new DVD player? Everyone has one already, and they're usually much better than the ones included in consoles.



antdickens said:

Yeah, I don't think adding a DVD player would really attract anyone these days. Afterall, that was the selling point of the PS2 5 or 6 years ago.

Nintendo did talk about a DVD dongle to allow you to play dvds, but I've not heard anything much about it recently, did they cancel that idea?



Nanaki said:

Yeh, they scrapped that idea I think. Probably due to the fact that most people have a DVD player nowdays (infact I have 3 systems in my room alone that play DVD's).

The web browser thing is quite cool imo, especially if I cba to get up and use my PC ^^'

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