Very few people were actually excited about the DVD attachment for Wii, most people have a DVD player nowadays so whats the point? Its a good move that allows Nintendo to focus their efforts onto some other, more desired, peripherals.

The main news though is that Wii will be region free, and that comes direct from Nintendo's very own Perrin Kaplan (VP of Marketing).

When asked in her interview with Wiired if the Wii was region free, Ms Kaplan responded:

"Yes. Like the Nintendo DS, the Wii will be able to play games from other regions, such as Japan, without any restriction. Kaplan implied there might be a region lock that publishers would be able to flip on, but it doesn't sound like the first-party titles from Nintendo will be restricted."

So this does indicate that Nintendo titles will be region free, but third party developers may or may not add a region lock to their games.

Finally, somewhat overshadowed, is the news that each Wii console sold will generate profit for Nintendo.

[via blog.wired.com]