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Nanostray 2 Announced

Posted by Aleksander Aasnes

The Munich based developer Shin’en Multimedia recently announced that it's working on a sequel to the successful Shoot 'em up for the DS.

According to Shin'en , the game introduces many new features and elements which have never been used in its genre. This includes innovative touch screen features as well as exciting WiFi functions over the Internet.

"Shin'en again raises the bar for high quality games with never-seen-before graphics, awesome audio and innovative gameplay on the Nintendo DS," said Manfred Linzner, Project Manager at Shin'en.

At the moment we don't know much about the game, but the German developer promises to release more information and screenshots via the official web site very soon.

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Masterless said:

I can't even complete a single level on the first one, and I've tried numerous times! I'm not that bad a gamer. I find it it too hard and know it will only get harder. So unless this will be easier I'll give it a miss.

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