VGMFusion.com interviewed Andre Vu from Ubisoft, and he said a lot of interesting stuff. The game will take advantage of Nintendo's revolutionary control system to immerse the player into the fascinating world, for instance, you'll be able to jump by lifting the Nunchuck, while the Wiimote lets you zoom with your weapon and fight with your knife by just pointing the controller where you want Jack Carver to hit with his Feral attack or swinging at the throat you want to see sliced. To zoom with the wiimote, simply move the controller forward.

Obviously, Andre Vu also revealed the name of the game, Far Cry: Vengeance, and he said that the single-player campaign of the game will take an average player around 20 hours, which isn't bad at all, with all the extremely short games coming out lately. In addition to the single-player campaign, we'll also get a very interesting multiplayer mode.
Although he said that the game will indeed include multiplayer, he didn't say anything about it, only that they are currently testing it.

Vu also revealed some new information regarding the graphics of the game. The game will not be a direct port from the Xbox version, the game will support wide screen in 480p format, and will run in 30 Frames per Second, according to Ubisoft.By looking at the screenshots from the game, we can assume that this will be one of the best looking games for Wii.

As for the multiplayer, the game will support splitcreen, but as mentioned before, they've released very little information regarding the multiplayer, so this is pretty much everything we know. but Ubisoft have also stated that the game might use Wiiconnect24, and that maybe we'll get some sort of downloadable content for the game.

According to Ubisoft, we'll get more information on 14th September, so stay tuned for further updates!