Here is what we in Europe have been waiting for. The Wii will launch on the 8th December 2006 at an estimated retail price of £179 (249 Euros), bundled with Wii Sports.

At launch there will be "around" 20 software titles so check the Launch Game News Article for those.

There will also be about 15 Virtual Console titles in the launch period, after that the expectation is to release 5-10 games a month.

One more thing, the console is only available in White for now. Not too sure what happened to the sleek black version

Compared to the £133 and £133 in US and Japan we get are paying quite a lot more, but we expected that anyway and will all be buying the system still.

So hold on, your Wii is not that long away! Oh and make sure that you get down to your local store and pre-order your machine!

[via nintendo.co.uk]