A good example of this is the next generation consoles, the Wii will be launched later and more expansive in Europe than in the rest of the world, but of course, this is nothing compared to Sony's Playstation 3 launch, with the European market getting Sony's upcoming console 4 months later than the rest. And obviously this is just the top of the ice berg when it comes to ignoring the European people, we get great games months after everyone else all the time, not to mention the lousy participation of American and Japanese developers at Leipzig.

So, when you see the latest sales numbers for the Nintendo DS, you probably wonder why the heck this is happening, and so do we. 6 million DS is a lot of units, and a lot of profit for the companies, and if companies started to release products at the same time world wide, the importing of games from Japan and America would decline, which would mean more money in the pockets for the publishers, as they charge more money for their games here in Europe.

Another interesting fact from the report, is that 44% of all consoles are being sold to women, and this of course only confirms the fact that Nintendo are expanding the gaming market with their products.

Laurent Fischer, European Marketing Director for Nintendo commented,
“Nintendo has always sought to innovate and produce games and consoles that appeal to everyone irrespective of age or experience. The Nintendo DS has done just this and been a phenomenal success, along with the Touch! Generation range that has expanded the gaming audience by providing something for everyone no matter who they are”

With titles like Nintendogs and Brain Age Nintendo truly introduced gaming to non-gamers, and over 4 million copies of Nintendogs sold in Europe alone indicates what a huge success the DS really is.