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Wii Games Under $50

Posted by Anthony Dickens

According to Electronic Arts, Nintendo stated that Wii games should be priced no higher than $50

Nintendo fans can already rest peacefully as we know the Wii console won't cost anything near a PS3 or Xbox 360. But what about games? Will they be over priced to compenstate the cheaper system price? Apparently not.

Reported by earlier today, EA have stated that Nintendo themselves have suggested that Wii titles should cost no more than $50 (~£27) in the US.

Obviously we won't quite see true conversions over here in the UK, but it seems possible that games could retail for as little as £34.99.

Electronic Arts have shown a lot of interest in supporting the Wii platform, the company plans to release two titles at launch (Need for Speed: Carbon & Madden 07) and a further 5 before March 2007.


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Nanaki said:

I am always dubious over UK pricing, we always get the bad deal. I reckon they will be £39.99 as the GC ones were.

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