The game will probably take advantage of the unique DS touch screen and stylus, so you'll be able to move around on the map and place buildings and roads with the stylus.

According to IGN's translations of Famitsu, we know that the basic mode of play is the classic Build a New City, where you'll be able to create your own New York City or London, solving everyday problems, balancing the economics and stuff like that.

There will also be a mode called save a City mode, like in the SimCity games for PC, you'll take control over a city that is under attack by aliens, giant spiders or maybe you'll have to save the city from a natural disaster. Whatever happened to the City, we know it's gonna be total chaos , and it's up to you to save the city and it's inhabitants.

Finally, we have the, Sister City mod, which is a multiplayer mode where you use the Nintendo DS Wi-FI connection to chat or swap city features with other players.

The game is published by Electronic Arts, and according to Famitsu it will be out in Japan by the end of 2006, hopefully, those of us who don't live in Japan will get our hands on it soon.