Bernd Fakesch took on the role of Nintendo VIP for today's media briefing, whilst the majority of the conference was showing video reels of existing games for both Wii and DS, there were a couple of announcements.

Mario Strikers Charged (Wii): A new version of the popular Gamecube title Super Mario Strikers (aka Mario Smash Football) for Wii, the game looks pretty much the same format except of course the game is now controlled using the Wii-mote. Players will be able to hold up their hands (with Wii-mote) to save shots.

Battalion Wars 2 (Wii): Another new version of a popular Gamecube title, the RTS game where the player will have control over a variety of units, including infantry, tanks, and air units.

Pink DS Lite: Will now be available in Europe from October 27th, previously this ultra sharp DS Lite was only available in Japan.

So, there we have it. It's not surprising at all to be honest, Nintendo rarely say alot in these kind of situations. Both new games are playable at tomorrows show floor so hopefully we'll hear more information about them over the next couple of days.

If you'd like to know more about what Nintendo said you should check out the transcript over at EuroGamer.net.

[via eurogamer.net]