The goal in the game is to clear multi-coloured gemstones from the tracks, by creating a combination of minimum three gemstones in the same colour, which will then cause the stones to clear.

Timing is essential as the gemstones are in constant motion and must be cleared before they reach the end of the track. To survive, players must keep eliminating gemstones in the most effective manner possible. For instance, causing a chain elimination will clear multiple coloured gemstones in one go.

There will be four different modes in the game; Challenge mode, where the goal is to remove as many gems as possible before they reach the end of the track, Quest Mode, where players are given a staged task to eliminate a set number of gemstones off the track, and clear the stage, thus unlocking the next quest.And than you got Checkmate mode which is a time based mode, and Versus mode, a multiplayer mode.

Actionloop will launch across Europe on 27 October 2006.