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Miyamoto Hints At GameCube Remakes For Wii

Posted by Aleksander Aasnes

In an interview with Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, Shigeru Miyamoto hinted that Nintendo may remake GameCube titles for Wii, both the graphics and the control system of the games will get an overhaul.

"The machine is based on GC," said Miyamoto. "We'll be upgrading the development tools, but GameCube code can be used for the most part as is. In that sense, I believe that it would be good to remake GameCube games for Wii, and that some titles would become better with the change to the Wii remote controller."

And the best part, the games are going to be cheaper.
"Even now," continued Miyamoto, "GameCube titles are sold at used shops, so we don't feel we could sell them for full price. However, development costs have been taken care of, so we could probably sell them at a more accessible price. If we make it so that such GC to Wii remakes can be produced quickly, it's possible that many titles will also be released from third parties."

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antdickens said:

Man, thats pretty cool... opens up some doors for developers to get to grips with the Wiimote on a product they've already developed.

Plus the fact they'll be cheap, thats great news



Nanaki said:

I would rather have original content for the Wii, but I suppose some games would be better if they were ported onto the Wii.



antdickens said:

Yeah, hopefully its a job people could give to the n00bs, then the main developers can consentrate on new games

All depends how cheap/quick they are to port over I guess.



The_Stig said:

I thought the Wii can play GC games anyway? so why bother with all the hard work of remastering, and just use the Wii classic controller, which even has a Z button, so I don't see the point tbh :/



Nanaki said:

"some titles would become better with the change to the Wii remote controller."

They will work with the pointer, not the classic controller



Gazi said:

The Stig: Because you'll be able to use the wiimote, so you can aim and shoot with it or swing your sword in Zelda.

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