Lexicon Entertainment Announce 'Chronos Twins' DS

Lexicon Entertainment today announced that it has acquired the worldwide rights for ‘Chronos Twins’ for Nintendo DS.

Chrono Twins is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2007, and plays on the concept of time travel in a reassuringly unique manner as it is interwoven as a main game play element.

"To publish Chronos Twins worldwide is a massive coup for us “said Emily Booty, Sales and Marketing Director for Lexicon “we have promised what we said in delivering quality products and with Bad Day: LA and now Chronos Twins we are moving in the right direction. We are speaking with a variety of partners with regards to distribution in all territories and we hope to have this tied up soon, we are willing to listen to offers from a variety of companies worldwide’

”We are delighted that Chronos Twins will be published worldwide by Lexicon” added Julio Moruno Fernandez from developer EnjoyUP “Lexicon have acted in a first class manner throughout discussions and we are excited about the release”