GamesIndustry.biz conducted an interview with Cecil who suggests companies such as EA are "sacrificing creativity for the sake of efficiency."

"The bigger developers talk about games costing tens of millions of dollars; it seems patently obvious to me that they don't need to cost that much, unless, as with a big film budget, you're paying certain key individuals enormous amounts of money... There's something slightly strange going on."

After games such as The Matrix, its hard to ignore that some games are costing an enormous amount of money to develop and produce. Obviously we feel that Cecil has stumbled upon something here, but if you look at what Nintendo have been saying for the past couple of years you'll see they are already solving the problem.

DS development costs are minimal when compared to a top of the line FPS for Xbox 360, there is always room for the scalability and complexity of a project.

Nintendo's approach to Wii should certainly please Cecil, the revolutionary system will see benefits from small budget, small team games along with the blockbuster triple A titles.

You can read more about Cecils thoughts over at GamesIndustry.biz.

[via gamesindustry.biz]