Bomberman Is Back!

Atlus have announced that they will be releasing a new bomberman game, and now we can finally play online, using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Bomberman Land Touch! is an online DS title, and will be starring everyone's favorite bomb expert.
The game will feature three different gameplay modes; Story mode, Attraction mode and battle mode, and each mode will have their own challenges. In the story mode you'll use the touch screen to solve puzzles and play mini-games as you compete in 36 different attractions.

The publishers can tell us the following about the game:
" Set within the realm of the theme park Bomberman Land, Bomberman will face off against his rivals in Story Mode, solving puzzles and competing in a wide range of tasks. Whether you are racing or going all out in a sports game, players will use the touch screen to compete in over 35 mini-games. Once you’ve beaten a challenge in Story Mode, you can play it again in Attraction Mode or, better yet, take a more limited list online. You can compete with 8 of your friends with only one card or with up to four through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. And, what’s more, you and your friends can even enjoy the classic Bomberman in multiplayer "

Like the Previous games in the series, Bomberman Land Touch! is being developed by Hudson, and the game is scheduled for release this November

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