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Wii Connect 24 - Slight Chance Of UK Problem

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Earlier at this years E3 it was unveiled that the Nintendo Wii would "always be on", this may be stopped in UK.

Last week the UK government had its energy review and decided serious cutbacks need to be taken to reduce the levels of energy consumption. The potential threat for Nintendo is from the governments want to ban the standby feature on many household appliances, which include DVD's & TV's.

It is impossible to tell whether or not the Wii will be effected by the laws government wish to impose, there is a high probability that the Japanese giants will slip through the net.

So in summary there may be a chance that the always-on idea is no more for the UK. But by judging from the promptness of most new laws... we will be in the next-next generation of consoles


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ReInstall said:

"The console will run silently in this mode since the fan will be powered down, also limiting power usage to levels similar to that of a miniature light bulb."

The will hopefully be efficient enough for the government. It's not like it will be on for the sake of it, like a TV standby setting. Never did understand that, just press the damn button!



DarkHadou said:

it would act like a mobile when u set ur alarm and switch of your phone cant see it being a problem



antdickens said:

It's kinda different, TV can't do anything in standby mode... where as Wii will still be doing things in the background, downloading updates etc etc..

So because its functional, I don't think it'll count under such power regulations.

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