GamesIndustry.biz and EuroGamer.net have teamed up with a bunch of companies to bring the games industry back to the UK. The new festival set to take place between 2nd and 7th October will be held at venues across London.

These events include The London Games Festival Network, The London Games Summit, London Content, Outsourcing and Middleware Market, GDC London, The BAFTA Video Games Awards and finally London Game Career Fair.

"The Career Fair is part of the London Games Festival, which will be held during the week of October 2nd - 6th. Other events planned for the festival include the Game Developers Conference London, which will focus on next-generation gaming, and the London Games Summit - an event that will bring publishers, developers, retailers and policy makers together to debate the major issues affecting the games industry today. The summit is being programmed by the CMP Game Group, and will be co-presented by ELSPA and TIGA."

The majority of these events will be for industry employees, but events such as the Career Fair will allow students or enthusiasts to get close and talk to established developers.

If your interested in attending any of these events, or simply want more information you can visit the LGF 2006 website.

[via londongamesfestival.com]