Polish developer Nibris have been the focus of attention since it announced its "Sadness" title prior to E3 earlier this year, the company has decided to make it clear that the majority of information on the Internet is still speculation and rumor at this stage.

"The information presented so far give a foretaste of a title unique not only in Nintendo games portfolio, but games in general. Let us remind that Sadness is to be a gothic horror in a convention of noir movie. The game is going to be completely black and white! The style goes towards photorealism which is to increase the realism of the game atmosphere. The plot is going to cover the events from before the outbreak of World War I. The location of the events is mostly Ukraine."

The developer also explains that the title won't be around until at least 18 months from now, so don't expect to see it any sooner.

"Nibris adds another significant detail – Sadness is not going to have any Menu. “We aim at completely intuitive behavior of the player – just as in life. Every choice a player makes is essential – if you experience traumatic events in your life, they are in you all the time. The same is going to be with Sadness. We want the player feel he participates in events, not only a game” . The game will also have a saving system which is going to be invisible for a player. Operations by Wii controller are going to be completely intuitive.

We will have to wait patiently for this one of the best promising Wii titles – the game will not appear sooner than in the 4th quarter of 2007."

Further more, they won't even tell us about the plot of the game, but they do offer us a tidbit explaining which games they are influenced by:

"Despite reluctance to reveal the plot Nibris gave examples of games which had come influence on concept design of Sadness. Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Planetscape: Torment, ICO, Phantasmagoria – these titles had some influence on the way of thinking about Sadness."

It seems very likely we'll keep hearing about this game, but just as likely we won't get to play it for a long, long time.